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    If you have a ws pass error on your system, I hope this guide will help you.

    “I have a 1TB WD My Ultra Passport portable drive forFor storing personal important files while traveling. WD All of a sudden the Passport Ultra is no longer showing up on my computer.
    How do I fix My WD Passport Ultra won’t open on the user’s computer?”

    If you can’t see your WD My Passport Ultra hard drive or external hard drive, you may not be able to access or use an available drive on your computer.

    But don’t worry. Follow my guide and you will know the reasons about and how to fix the WD Passport Ultra External Intense Drive Not Displaying error in your business.

    Here is a complete guide to recovering a WD Passport external hard drive:

    Some of you may be wondering why the wd external hard drive is not showing up on your computer. Keep reading and give it a try.

    Why Is My Passport Wd Not Showing Up?

    How do I fix my WD Passport external hard drive not recognized?

    If the WD Passport drive is displayed directly, the USB hub is corrupted and is preventing WD from displaying.If WD Passport is not recognized by your current or new PC, replace your WD Passport with a new one.

    We have consulted with many power users and IT professionals and found the following reasons. Find out why WD Passport Ultra is not visible from the outside:

    1. 1. USB port/cable Faulty or damaged USB hub.
    2. 2 is much larger.WD is not mapped to a drive letter in the passport
    3. 3. Corrupted file Me or the system bad sectors Make wd unreadable
    4. 4. wd drive driver bound date
    5. 5 to no. Drivers for generic USB controllers will be permanently discontinued.

    These reasons can also prevent many of your other devices from working properly, for example:

    So how do you solve these dilemmas and get people outside to see your WD Passport Ultra hard drive on a PC again? Follow the instructions below to resolve this issue immediately.

    Part 1: Checking The Status Of Your External WD Hard Drive While Drives

    Connect the control external drive that requires wd to your computer with a USB cable. To check the status of the WD external hard drive system in management, follow these steps:

    Switch to Disk 1. Press the Windows R keys + type diskmgmt.msc in the Run box and click OK.

    ws passport error

    Step 2: Locate your external WD hard drive in Disk Management.

    Part 2: Fixing A WD Passport External Hard Drive, My Not Showing An Error

    Check the status of your WD external hard driveMy Passport Ultra which is not implied or not recognized and also refer to the correct solution so that your recovery disk works fine.

    Fix 1. Add A New Drive Letter To Display The WD Passport External Hard Drive

    Related to: Fixed an issue where an external WD Passport hard drive would not show up due to a drive-side conflict.

    How do I get WD My Passport to work on Windows 10?

    Connect the drive using another USB cable.Open the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.Update the USB controller as well as the My wd Passport Ultra device drivers.Connect Passport my Ultra to your desktop hard drive or laptop. Everything

    If your WD is shown as a “New Disk Without Volume” letter in Disk Management, it will not show up in File Explorer. Don’t worry.

    You can customize or add the new Drive web page to make your WD Passport recognizable and convenient on your Windows PC:

    Step 1. Press “Win” key + “R”, type “diskmgmt.msc” in the “Run” dialog box and click “OK” to open Disk Management.

    How do I fix an I O device error on a WD external hard drive?

    check cable connections.Check all cables.Update or reinstall your drivers.Change the transfer mode of the device.Command line.Fromtry starting your own computer.Send for manual repair.

    Step 2. Right-click the WD drive that is not displayed and select “Change drive letter paths and…”.

    Step 3. Click “Add”, specify a new drive, a message to connect an external WD drive and click “OK”.

    If WD-Force has already received your email, click Edit to select a different email. After that, system your computer and turn it on, you will be able to see the WD external hard drive in Windows Explorer.

    Fix 2. Repair Corrupted File System/Bad Sector

    Related to: fixing wdpassport external drive not showing up due to file system errors or bad sectors.

    ws passport error

    If the system files are corrupted and the wd contains bad groups, Disk windows Management can determine which ones are marked “*Other” or RAW. Your hard drive may not even be detected in its explorer.

    Stop wasting time with computer errors.

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    The EaseUS Partition Broker forex software can help with its system file checker. While a person’s disk management can do this, know that he can use this tool to manage corrupted system, files, and bad sectors that are needed on a WD drive. You,

    Learn how to fix corrupt system documents and bad sectors on your WD device:

    You can then check the disk. If your files are missing, you can skip to part 3 and apply the software securely.sintering for document recovery only for data recovery from external hard drive wd.

    Solution 3. Connect Passport To Wd My Halfway-in-USB

    This method is more than a temporary solution. According to this, user feedback has only just been posted on the forum about this “weird” way in which the computer recognized the external hard drive without any problems. Here’s how.

    Step 1. Insert the USB cable halfway into the USB ports on your computer.

    A few steps. Please wait until the WD drive appears not in File Explorer.

    Step 3. If you see that your drive is not fully functional, plug your USB drive into a USB port.

    Maybe, frankly, this is unwise, quite a few employees have solved their problem with this trick. Try name=”4″>!

    Solution 4: Try A Different USB Cable/port Or PC

    Can WD hard disk be repaired?

    Western Digital hard drive repair options are very different. A good first step is to create one of the data content and then perform a WD hard drive recovery. If you have already lost your data, with the help of good products (reliable fast) and you can start recovering them as soon as possible.

    If your WD hard drive doesn’t show up in File Explorer or Disk Management, you can try changing the USB cable, try a different USB port, or try a different computer to see if that might be the cause.

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