Windows Print Server TCP Port Issues Should Be Resolved

Over the past week, several readers have reported to us that they have encountered a windows Print Server TCP port.

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    The Windows Print Spooler service uses an exclusive dynamic TCP port range that extends from numbers up to 65535 49152. Windows Network Services G


    I have a Server 2008 R2 SP1 virtual machine that will be a network print server. Set up tcp/ip print queues on our own server and deploy/publish then during AD. Client computers connect to each other, you share printers on the server, the usual configuration.

    If I want to direct Windows Firewall to the server, what logs, incoming ports should I open? Do connecting clients use standard SMB ports 137-139? In all my googling, port 9100 is available, which is probably the closest port that the printer itself can listen on.

    By default, we use Windows Production Sharing, not IPP LPD or /Unix./p >

    Any help would be appreciated Alt=”:)”

    I’m getting a VM running Server 08 R2 SP1, which is the site’s print server. TCP/IP print lists are installed on the server and then distributed/published by AD to. Client PCs connect to shared print devices on the server. , the real default configuration.

    If I want to enable this Windows Firewall on the print server, which incoming ports do I need to open correctly? Will clients connect using classic SMB ports 137-139 Bei? all the searches I do point to port 9100, which on the printer itself will still be listening. Let’s use

    We use standard Windows print sharing, nothing or IPP LPD/Unix.

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    The following table lists the services included in network printing and the methods they provide in the network setup process. Not all services are always in use or active, but the protocols used when creating a network also depend on the type of candidate clients and clients that submit jobs to the user’s server.

    NOTE. To find out the exact interface numbers used by your printer, contact your printer manufacturer.

    Port assignment for network printing:

    LP DSVC (accepts LPR)

    < td>

    Server (with SMB)

    < td>

    > 1023

    Service name UDP TCP

    Services for many Macintosh computers (uses AppleTalk )

    < p>201, 204, 202, 206

    201, 204, 202, 206

    Protocol (uses HTTP)

    < /td>



    NWLink IPX / (uses SPX)



    51 5


    LPR port (sends LPR)

    < /td >

    721-731, >102 3

    721-731, >1023

    137, 138


    Server (with RPC)

    < p>530


    Default port monitoring (with SNMP)


    161, 162

    Default port monitor (with LPR)

    < /td>

    < p>> 1023

    Default port monitor (with RAW)

    2000, 2501-2503, 3001, 6869, >= 9100

    < 2501, /td>

    2000, 2503, 3001, 6869, >=9100

     TIP. Excerpt from TechNote: How Network Printing Works

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