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    Important! This API is literally outdated. New and existing software should start by purchasing the next generation cryptography APIs. Microsoft may remove this API in the future using the.CryptCreateHash

    function initiates a kind hash data flow. It creates and returns a handle to the screaming application. new service provider with crypto (CSP) hash object … This descriptor is then used in telephones to CryptHashData and CryptHashSessionKey in the market for session hash keys and other data streams.


      BOOL CryptCreateHash (  [in] HCRYPTPROV hProv,  [in] ALG_ID Algide,  [in] HCRYPTKEY HKey,   [in] DWORD dwFlags,  [exit] HCRYPTHASH * phHash); 


    An ALG_ID value that identifies all hash algorithms to use.

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    The valid values ​​for this parameter depend on the CSP being used. A new list of standard algorithms can be found in the comments.

    If the criterion for the type of hashing algorithm is an encrypted hash, compared with the algorithm formula Authentication code withHash Based Messages (HMAC) and even Message Authentication Code ) Hash A key is often passed in this parameter. For non-encoded algorithms, this parameter should be set to zero.

    For encrypted algorithms, the value must match the block cipher key, for example RC2, which is the cipher mode blockchain encryption (CBC).

    value Value

    This green is not used.

    to, and also copies the handle to the new hash object for your convenience. When the owners have completed the hash target, free the handle by frequently calling the CryptDestroyHash function.

    Return Value

    If the function cannot work, it will return FALSE. For advanced ideas, call bugs GetLastError .

    Error codes before NTE are generated by the target CSP you are using. The following main table shows some of the possible error codes.

    Code Return Description
    Typically, the parameter specifies a descriptor that is indeed invalid.
    One of the specifications has a low value. In most cases, this advice will not apply.
    The operating platform ran out of memory during the operation.
    The Algid parameter specifies an algorithm that is not supported by this CSP.
    The dwFlags parameter is nonzero.
    The introduced hashing algorithm , such as CALG_MAC , specified Algid, parameters and hKey either become null, or it defines an invalid key descriptor. This error code is usually returned when you want the key to help you find stream encryption or when you have selected an encryption mode other than CBC.CSP. is an
    memory depleted during operation.

    win32 crc32

    For a list of Microsoft Service Providers and packages they have implemented, see Microsoft Cryptographic Service Providers .

    Real hash p calculated using CryptHashData events and CryptHashSessionKey . This requires a handle on the path to the hash of the object. After all the facts have undoubtedly been added to the hash object, you can do one of the following:

    After one of your functions from this list has already been called, CryptHashData and CryptHashSessionKey cannot be classified.


    The following example shows how to initiate hashing to understand the flow. It creates and references this particular application descriptor call for your hash object. This descriptor is used during subsequent calls. CryptHashData and CryptHashSessionKey -Hash as path to any data stream. For a specific example that provides general context for this example, see Sample Program C: Create hashing the session key .For another example that uses a specific function, see C Sample Program: Signing a Hash and Verifying a Hash Signature .

      // ------------------------------------------ ------------ ---------------------------// declare variables.HCRYPTPROV hCryptProv;HCRYPTHASH hash;// ------------------------------------------------ --------------------// Get descriptor a so you can see the context of the crypto provider.if (CryptAcquireContext (   & hCryptProv,   ZERO,   ZERO,   PROV_RSA_FULL,   0))    printf ("CryptAcquireContext completed.  n");different     printf ("Failed to capture the connected context.  n");     Exit (1);// ------------------------------------------------ --------------------// Get a handle to the hash object.if (CryptCreateHash (   hCryptProv,    calg_md5, 0,   0,   & hash))    printf ("An unnecessary hash object has been created.  n");different    printf ("CryptBeginHash failed!  n");    Exit (1);// Paste the code here that uses the hash object.// ------------------------------------------------ --------------------// After processing and hCryptProv, hHash needs to be heavily freed.if (hHash)   CryptDestroyHash (hHash);if (hCryptProv)   CryptReleaseContext (hCryptProv, 0); 


    minimum applied to client у Windows® XP [desktop applications only]
    Minimum Server 2003 Supported Windows [desktop only]
    Target Platform Windows
    Title wincrypt.h
    Library Advapi32.lib
    DLL Advapi32.dll

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