Help Fix Unpacking Error, Windows System Error Stopped

Recently, a number of our users reported that they encountered unpacking errors that caused the system to freeze on Windows.

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    It could be a problem with your RAM or with your own computer’s motherboard. This can be a task with contact persons. Removing RAM and backing up in general can potentially help. There could also be a problem with the reader.

    Location: Date: October 29, 2010
    Hi allI am trying to install ubuntu linux from ie8 10.10 live cd and have everything I know and it doesn’t work … I insert the CD, it starts reading it, and the program gives me this message”Initialize Gfx CodeGraphics failedError configuring gfxbootBoots:The boot logo is loading …edd: Error reading sector 2000 1997 ” I will sort “Help” to access the exact help index. I’m going to type in there and hit Enter because initially it’s my time to start using Linux, not to mention it shows me this: Edd: Error reading sector 2000 8425Edd: Error reading sector 2000 8921Edd: Error reading sector 2003 9417Edd: Error reading sector 2000 9913Edd: Error reading sector 2000 2473Edd: Error reading sects pa 2000 2969Edd: Error reading sector 2000 3465Edd: Error reading sector 2000 3961Edd: Error reading 2000 sector 4457Edd: Error reading sector 2000 4953Edd: Error reading sector 2000 5945Edd: Error reading sector 2000 6441Edd: Error reading sector 2000 6937Ed: Error $ 1500

    Location: – Date: May 25, 2013
    I have Lubuntu 04/13. About 24 hours ago, I updated the upgradeable kernel to After that, when I rebooted my PC, I was hit by “Error unpacking system – shutdown”. The message on the right can be seen after “loading initrd”. After trying to fix this issue too. I ran livecd, connected to my system, then reinstalled kernel (apt-get purge / install linux-image), update-initrams -u -k all, so I reinstall grub all, but experts say my problem was not there not resolved. I have no idea what is going on anymore.To be more precise, I have my Flashdisc and all my hardware on a grub hard drive. These settings have been working for me for more than a month, and before that I changed the kernel without any problems.Oops, there seems to be a problem. I found my property when updating the kernel to I also removedL the old kernel and reinstalled the new kernel. I think this could be the cause of my problems.

    uncompression error system halted windows

    Location: – Days: August 2012
    Hello everyone … I have installed PuppyLinux and Ubuntu laptops. I am currently testing xubuntu on our oldest laptop, the Toshiba S1800-700 satellite … but I have problems launching the DVD image … I get the GRUB option and if I choose Linux I appreciate the Decompression option. ” Error … the system stopped and then needs to be shut down if you want. The laptop comes with 256 RAM and has a WinMe setting. I checked if other Linux survives. These are CD / DVDs that I have used in several laptops and I am getting the same error … can anyone help me ?????

    Location: – Date: November 22, 2011
    First, I take a Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R motherboard with 4GB Corsair RAM (2 x 2GB) XMS2 DDR2 800MHz.It requires at least 8, so check your motherboard specs then up to 8GB is only allowed for DDR2. I took new RAM with me (16GB (8x2GB for two single machines, I wanted to transfer the current 4GB from one person to another).quick post anyway, i can’t force Let our own machine run on anything other than 4GB. Either she doesn’t even send, maybe I’ll overtake the grub and everything says “decompression sickness, whole body paused”, or it will stay constantly sitting and / or blinking as long as the cursor stays in place (leave it for 45 minutes) (and in recovery mode, the initrd’s memory is freed to the air.When I brought the RAM for the other machine, I had a lot of reserves to try it out, and after that it would all fit together. I suspect some kind of set is stupid, because that’s all unless it’s finally released. Tried having different sets in different places and it all comes down to working on 4GB (any set other than the one shown) but can’t seem to get it to work on 8GB (but it does POST).Idea

    Location: – Date: April 2, 2013
    Hi allI used Lubuntu 12 yesterday to create a disc for closing the lids. Of the 10, this can be done to diagnose and repair computers. I looked at several programs (GIMP, Wine, LibreOffice, AVG, etc.) and then tried to go to the disk with another computer. The computer was freezingOnly one on a black screen for a few minutes, so I had a major crash so I could try again, but now part of the USB drive is giving me an “Unpacking error – system stopped” error, which quickly happened. displays menus for Ubuntu, Ubuntu Advanced Options, Memtest.I have looked at a few programs I found on the forums that are designed to fix startup health issues, but they don’t seem to work. I also ran Memtest (also suggested in the forums) and found that it works fine with a specific CD, but when run on such a USB stick, it shows hundreds of significant errors.Does anyone know how to fix this? I would really prefer not to start over with this setup.

    Location: – Date: October 2010
    I am 14 years old, I am trying to install 10.10 64 bit on a DFI X48 motherboard using 8GB RAM, tried to install from CD, alternative desktop CD and USB stick, but all attempts failDecompression failure – System installedI ran memtest86 and the RAM is fine. I even tried running the add-on with only 4GB of RAM, but I was lucky. I even tried three different CD / DVD drives.Initially 10.04 runs 64-bit from a live CD without issue, but 10.10 doesn’t work with …Hey,Jason.

    Location: 2) Date: September 10, 2010
    I installed the latest Ubuntu from the Ubuntu home page and burned it to a completely skipped CD. (I used Roxio with Creator Basic which has a .Support) iso I put it in my laptop, run the installation CD and at the end I get a two-image screen at the bottom of the screen. I don’t know what they might be, but they are small and float alongside. Then the screen goes off and goes off,DECOMPRESSION ERROR-SYSTEM WAS CLOSEDappears. is there a goal?ADDED: This will try to load the ISO again.Checked, shaking, but still want to know why it happenedNobody sees it, only I discovered it. Mine later. drove badly.

    Location: – Business Day: 23 Aug 2014
    The rescue,I have a personal computer with an OSWith a single processor with a clock frequency of 2 to 80 GHz and 3 gigabytes of memory. I have partitioned my hard drive! 45 gigabytes and 30 gigabytes. I put Windows 7 on a 60 gig partition and tried putting Trisquel 6.0 on a 35 gig partition. A while ago I installed Trisquel on a USB stick and was able to boot from it first. In fact, I was able to install Trisquel on this computer before switching to Windows. This time, I booted with my thumb, chose to install trisquel to my hard drive, and simply selected the partition along with “ext4” and “/”. It was installed using a partition, but when I try to boot, it uses “System suspended due to unpacking error”. Actually I go to the start screen of Trisquel, from which we will also select Trisquel. Windows works fine, but when I select Trisquel I usually get an error. I tried restarting it from a USB stick to reinstall it, but I get the same error when I try. While I’m doing this, I select “Install to Hard Drive”. Try “Trisquel Completely From USB”

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    Location: – Date and Time: January 6, 2010
    I wanted to build Ubuntu 9.10, so I downloaded the program and burned it to Blu-ray. When I restarted my computer, I got into the familiar Liveboot window and selected Rush Ubuntu from the CD. He decided that everything was frozen, so I had to restart him.This time, I prefer to carefully check the CD for errors. This went on for quite a while when the concept didn’t seem to work, later it gave me a black canvas full of lines like …2.268065] []? run_time_softirq + 0x156 / 0x2002.268118] [] bad_area_nosemaphore + 0x12 / 0x20Anyway, I thought that someone’s ISO was corrupted somehow, so I downloaded it again. SHA256SUMS turned out to be correct, but had exactly the same problems.I also tried booting from Universal Serial Bus, but it didn’t work. Try using the CD on a different PC – see if it works, it probably isn’t an option right now.Does anyone know what I can fix or how to install something other than Ubuntu 9.10 (install, never update).Thanks in advance.

    uncompression error system halted windows

    Location: Date: November 4, 2009
    Hello my friends…!ten minutesut back on the phone i’m returning from the area around my house and i have a power button to open mine (slackware pc 12.2)The message I receive:Quote:

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