Troubleshooting Troubleshooting The Rear Window Defogger

If you received a rear window defogger DTC for troubleshooting, today’s guide is here to help you.

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    troubleshooting rear window defogger

    Most rear window defrosters come in a simple and easy-to-repair kit. The rear window grill is made from durable wire that heats up when electricity passes through you or when ice melts on the glass. Although manufacturers can use variations in gate resistance, the circuit parameters are still fairly straightforward. We have to follow the steps required to detect a circuit fault on any real network in order to secure the circuit breaker, or possibly the circuit breaker. Of course, all you need is a basic understanding of the power supply or a desire to become familiar with basic troubleshooting procedures.

    Step 1

    Check all fuses in the fog protection circuit to make sure they are in good condition. Replace if necessary.


    Round 2

    turn on the ignition, but do not start the engine.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    How do you troubleshoot a rear window defogger?

    Make sure the rear defrost switch and ignition key are on. Disconnect the two wires on either side of the dedicated defrost stand and touch one end that connects to each wire on your tester. When the lights come on, you actually have electricity. If not, check the fuse for a defectiveand replace it if necessary.

    Open the driver’s door and look into your vehicle’s skylight dome. The light shouldn’t shine.If the light is not dim, go to step 9.

    Step 5

    Take a closer look at the anti-fog grill on the back of the window. Start the engine and turn on the windshield heater.

    Step 6

    troubleshooting rear window defogger

    Wait a few minutes for the crafting rack to heat up. Run your fingers around the entire mesh and warm up the wire. Pay attention when the cable is cold. The line heater is faulty here. You may see gaps between the wires.

    Step 7

    Use fluorescent test if you don’t see broken utility segments. Let’s start by connecting to the network. Attach a precision test light to a good floor in your car and touch the grille connections to your selected test light. When the indicator lights up, people have found the positive side. Follow the mesh wire, touching this line with the beacon light at small intervals. The point at which this test light does not light up, you can see it, and the previous point is where a very broken part of the mesh could be.

    Step 8

    Step 9

    Why is my car defogger not working?

    An imperfect radiator will simply generate heat, causing the defroster to not work. If the fan motor is defective, the defroster will not do its job. Problems can range from a lost fuse to a faulty fan price regulator. The fan motor itself can also break down and will require replacement.

    Check your network connection and make surethere is continuity between the two sides with regard to the connection with a multimeter.

    Step 10

    Why is my heated rear window not working?

    A defective rear window defogger can result in a number of possible consequences, including a burnt mixture, an open or frayed wire, a broken switch, a damaged fuel tank element, or poor grounding. The rear window heaters installed by the developers are optically printed on the glass or glued with a special glue.

    Turn on the key switch, but do not start the engine normally. Use a test lamp – check the voltage at the connector on the diagram. If not, check the line between the power supply circuit and the relay for continuity.

    Step 11

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    Check the input and output voltage of the heater grate by experimenting with the lamp. If there is only one-way voltage but output voltage, check the relay for correct operation. Most anti-fog relays use a built-in timer that runs for about ten minutes. If the relay does not work properly or does not last the required time, catch up.

    Use a multimeter to verify that the circuit is from the wire from the fuse panel to the heater and to the test switch for the continuous circuit. Also check that the wire from the switch to the headlights is open and that it is relaying to the relay. Make this particularly necessary repair.

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    • You can purchase this heated rear window repair kit from most auto parts stores to repair your faulty rear window grill.
    • Some older car models use a fog grill located in the rear window glass. On these models, the door itself must be completely replaced in order to repair a bad conventional door.
    • It is recommended to edit the wiring diagram of the rear window defroster relative to the hand. In contrast, most car service manuals can be purchased with wiring diagrams. You can purchase their service manual from most auto dealerships, or view it for free at your local public library.

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