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  • Closed

    status Due To Software Error.

  • Error Description

  • In the WebSphere Server Application Service Integration BusCluster bus member, program failure causes messagingThe engine is running on a different server, although everything is stillRunning works is the so-called split-brain scenario.If the network comes back and it's split brain contingenciesresolved, instructs the messaging engine to start onif so, the second server should be disabled.After the server system output log is source.The messaging engine, which has always been at the forefront, has the following features.Advertising :CWSIS1535E: Non-text messaging mechanism unique identifier matchesfound in datastore.ME_UUID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,INC_UUID=yyyyyyyyyyyyyy, ME_UUID(DB)=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,INC_UUID(DB)=zzzzzzzzzzzzzzCWSID0029E: Messaging engine A xyz has detected a valid failure mode.CWSID0016I: The Mail XYZ module is clearly in a failed state.
  • Local Solution

  • suffered a common mode error
  • RedBrief Description Of The Problem

  • ************************************************** ******* * ************************************* USER: interested users - possible access email provider **for IBM WebSphere Application Server******************************************************** ******************************* ISSUE DESCRIPTION: CWSID0029E, cwsis1535e and CWSID0029E **Messages in the SystemOut log**grouped bus member server follows another** Network error. ******************************************************** ******************************* RECOMMENDATION : ******************************************************** ***** way, *************************So the split-brain scenario refers to the case where the HAManagerThe communication around the servers is interrupted, which forces them to live together.the isolated parts of the hard core know that they are the only onesservers are running. In this scenario, HAManager is trying toMake sure all services are running.For each of our service integration buses, HAManager will most likely provide instructions.even all the messaging mechanisms in the market had to startalthough the company may already be running another full-fledged server.HAManager does not take into account that the last other server is runningbecause of the racessplit brain.Typically uses Progressive Messaging Engine (INC2)responsibility for the establishment of incarnations due to the fact that the original will not be able toThe incarnation (INC1) is always walking on the treadmill and holding a padlock on the treadmill.The database prevents the database from running other versions.However, if the network failure also activated the INC1 databaseTo break the connection, INC1 appears to be blocked, while INC2 must be to start successfully and update this table to show INC2which is the direct owner.Once the network is fixed, HAManager will see it there.two incarnations of a message generator that run and give instructionsINC2 they for can stop.When Inc2 releases the lock on the database, INC1, whichlooking forward to the restoration of the lock, I can connect just pay fineand note that currently the incarnation ID has changed. To this thisThe point is to falsely declare a frequently used mode error.Below is our sequence of events, which may wellYou can watch the wallpaper in the SystemOut logs   messaging modules. System+++++++++++++++inc1 output+++++++++++++++CWSIS1594I: Email Engine, ME_UUID=ME_ID,INC_UUID=INC1_ID, a lock has been lost for a specific data store.CWSIS1538I: module message me_uuid=,inc_uuid=, trying to acquire an exclusive lock is usefulin the data warehouse...cwsis1537i: message module from ME_UUID=ME_ID,INC_UUID=, good exclusive data receivedCharged lock.CWSIS1535E: Messaging engine unique identifier may not matchfound in search store.ME_UUID=,INC_UUID= ME_UUID(DB)=,INC_UUID(DB)=CWSIS1546I: messaging engine, ME_UUID=,INC_UUID=, lost existing lock and failedGet the initial ban occurred through the data store.cwsid0029e: common modeerrors.CWSID0016I: Message handler  returned position error! affairs.++++++++++++++Logout ME2++++++++++++++CWSID0016I: Messaging Engine Exchange -  in Think Starting.--->This will happen if the network system goes down.messagecwsis1537i: ME_UUID=,INC_UUID=, Engine, comes with an exclusive lock on our own data.Loaded.CWSID0016I: message exchange engineThe  is in the "StoppingMember" state.---> will happen after the network is restored soon.
  • Closing The Issue

  • The promo code has been changed so that the messaging mechanismdeclares a public error if it finds versionsfixed id. This leads to the fact that the server, on which it is located,You need to restart the automatic mail operation. This allows HAManager toMail Start Engine, which refers to any other available server.The fix for this APAR affects the inclusion of the present time inpatch 6 package.1.0.41, and Please refer toInformation page on recommended updates:
  • Workaround

  • Comments

  • APAR Information

  • APAR Sysrouted Occurred Due To One Or More Of The Following Events:

  • APAR Sysrouted Can Refer To One Or More Of The Following:

  • Correct Information

  • Fixed Component Name


  • Id Of The Fixed Component Of The MessageStatement


  • Applicable Component Levels

  • R200 PSY


  • APAR Number

    suffered a common mode error


  • The Name Of The Specified Component

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