How To Troubleshoot “SAP Reference Transaction Set Not Found”

You may encounter an error indicating that the SAP reference operation set could not be found. As it turns out, there are several ways to fix this problem, and we’ll get back to that shortly.

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    Errors in routing and reference sets of operations are always removed. While the resume is confirmed and saved, the system will prompt to create an order, immediately specifying the reference operation that was posted by xxxxxxxx, and I get the same operation reference set error, not fonud.

    I created “S” as the priority of the OPJF selection for sorting task lists

    Can I get your new personal number so I can send screenshots?

    I’ve tried the same. The problem persists, it is not possible. Create a production order from a listing activity record.

    Any link that linksmaterial type with useful resource Opera topn set?.
    Since I am using the Mdo3 content type (media type)

    “arvindsap200 … sap-r3-log-pp” due to wrote: # Bookham Technology plc announces acquisition of Inc.
    # onetta Read PR:

    I tried it at the end and it worked.

    After the error message, it turned out that you did not correctly save the reference title course.

    Press F4 by group and catalog the routes by plant. Check to see if the route you would normally want to use for reading reference maps is available in the list.

    sap reference operation set not found

    As we all mentioned earlier, it is also important that the status and usage remain unchanged due to routing, as the selection identifier is described in command type-specific parameters.

    Eileen wrote via sap-r3-log-pp:
    # Organize your integration efforts
    # Read the doc: r = 27043

    I went through all the steps you came across. During the build order, you will be prompted to review the groups. When I choose support surgery from grupp, the system simply rejects it because an error like “Reference operation actually found is defined” appears) â €.

    What is referencesap reference operation set?

    The SAP Personal Reference Operation Set (ROS) is just one aspect of the SAP PP master data that contains commonly used workflows related to assemblies or subassemblies. The main focus of the SAP Reference Workbench is definitely not to give up on work and machine parts experience when creating a new assembly.

    â € arvindsap200… using sap-r3-log-ppâ € ITtoolbox wrote:
    # Introduces the basics of IT outsourcing
    # / i / rd .asp ? i = 4950

    The reference plane can be cloned in contract manufacturing.

    Use the OPL8 transaction signal to adjust the parameters according to the order type

    Select the type of media and order that you will use to create your products, select and specify the details.

    sap reference operation set not found

    Check the options you entered here.
    Press F4 to see details of my selection ID.
    Make sure the final solution ID you choose includes an entry for the types of routing that are probably the first listed as the reference routing you mentioned. Make sure

    Referral routes created by your entire family also have the same profession and status as those described in this special list .

    If all of the above are the same, the system will ask for the group counter in the reference route when creating a production order when you select the reference route.

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