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    Over the past week, some of our readers have reported encountering the arquivos do msconfig uninstaller.

    • 23. September 2008 6:15 AM



      When communicating with SQL Server 2005, I get the following error message.< /p>

      “An error occurred while establishing an Internet connection to the server. While connecting. If you are using SQL Server 2005, this error may well be is caused by SQL Server not allowing remote connections with default settings.(provider: named pipe provider, error: 39 – Unable to open connection from SQL to server) (Microsoft SQL Server, error: 2)”

      I restarted the server and tried to connect SQL to the server, this allowed me to connect. Whenever there is a problem, I really feel like the server is rebooting. But I intend to actually solve this problem. Anyone

      can help me solve this problem.

    • 23. September 2008 9:38 AM


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      Is someone connecting to a remote local machine or remote server?< /p>

      Como remover um programa do computador por completo?

      Na caixa l’ordre de pesquisa da barra de tarefas, digite painel de controle e selecione essa opção nos resultsados.Select Programas > Programas st Recursos.Pressuree e segure (or web click or botão direito do mouse) is definitely not the program you are using to uninstall Desinstalar or Desinstalar/Alterar.

      Connect via login windows/SQLServer?

    • September 28, 2008 9:48 am


      < /div>

      Yes, I’m connecting to the core server.

      Using SQL Server Authentication.

    • dba_pkashyap

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      September 29, 2008 5:09 AM .


      Make sure all services are running in SQL Server Layout Manager

      Check logs, if they were always enabled.

      Sometimes you get the same error if you entered the wrong username/password.

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      I’m getting the same error but using windows authentication. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks :o)

    • pollo1984

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      no, I was able to solve it myself. I justwas checking that all the services I got were running as before, and at that point, oddly enough, he was running SQL Server Management Studio as an administrator!

      Thanks anyway :o)

    • Administrator doesn’t really matter, these are accounts created in SQL Server. The group of these local administrators is probably defined as a login in SQL.

    • Are you sure you need to use the correct username? and also, are you choosing the instance correctly?

      Actually, the instance should look like this: hostname/instance

      Your username should always look like this if you are running Windows on: server -brand/username

    • Como remover itens da inicialização?

      Saia de todos os aplicativos.Select Initiar > Executar e msconfig on caixa Open.Note todos os itens não selecionados guias Inicialização e Serviços.Select the Geral guide and select Inicialização selectiva.


      Choose the new mixed authentication mode

      Windows and SQL Server

      Best regards < / p >


      Best regards,
      Sushant Kumar

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      How did you fix this error?

      I have the same problem, please help

    • Do you need to use the exact username and choose the best instance?

      Instance Should look like this: servername / instance

      Como remover programas do msconfig?

      Click Iniciar , type msconfig “and click their msconfig. On the Configuração do Sistema page, click on the Inicialização do Sistema button. On lista de Inicialização do Sistema, select the system you want to exclude and click Excluir.

      Your username should look like this, for example, if you are using Windows in :servername /username

      I solved this problem for you to try, make sure you have the necessary knowledge 🙂

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