Troubleshooting And Fixing The Regedit.exe Command Line Option

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    To open the Windows Computer Registry at the command prompt, type Windows Key + R Source , and press Enter in cmd . .in .command, .prompt, .type .regedit .and .journal .and .tv .Enter ..

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    Regedit Command-line Options

    How do I run regedit from Command Prompt?

    Press Windows + R, type cmd and press Enter to open a command prompt in Windows 10. You can then type regedit in a command prompt window to open the registry editor.

    With the idea in mind, some of these options are probably notall refer to operasation systems Windows.

    regedit.[options] exe [filename]


    regedit.exe command line option

    With this option (as in the example above), the reg of the directory is imported without confirmation. dialogue EUhides the window indicating that your suggestions have been successfully imported into the computer’s registry.

    This option seems to be used to export part of the registry to an important file.Example: regedit.exe /e myfile.reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE

    Please note that the reg file is not something you need to export to help you – it could be an article file, or as a documentOkay.

    /L:System This Is /r:users

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    it uses the whole system der.En dat plus user.dat files

    regedit /l:c:windowssystem.dat /r:c:windowsuser.dat /e c:windowsnewreg.reg

    This would use native DOS to export the contents of all system.dat and user.dat.unregistered dates


    regedit /l:c:windowssystem.dat /r:c:windowsuser.dat /c c:windowsnewreg.reg creates will

    This is the new permanent registry from the contents pointed to by “c:windowsnewreg.reg” and in usuallyused in combination with the previous example. – note. Your individual system is current.dat and destroyed in this process. New dat files,are likely to be generated from the contents of newreg.reg.


    This is the key specified for deletion, which is then only available in Win98Me.

    regedit /l:c:windowssystem.dat /r:c:windowsuser.dat /d HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMcAfeeArticle ID: W15277

    File created: 2017:07:28:13:02:02
    Last 2002:09:05:12:50:58

    Open Update: Multiple Copies Of Regedit

    If the /m option is frequently specified, regedit will open another period (and will not attempt to replace other running instances of regedit):

    C:> regedit /m

    Export Subtree

    regedit.exe command line option

    Export the contents of HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPolicies to file x:pathtoexport_file.reg:

    regedit /e x:pathtoexport_file.reg If "hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpolicies"

    Note: the file is actually specified without an absolute path, it will be exported to the directory that was used during the last download. Therefore, you can use the %CD% environment variable to ensure that the exported file is dated in the current directory: /e

    regedit %CD%export_file.reg "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows"

    Export HKLM and HKCU

    Without specifying the first lane keywhen passing the parameters HKEY_LOCALE_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER are exported by default: /e

    regedit %CD%export_file.reg

    Import Subtree

    makes the /s import private.

    regedit /s import_file.reg

    File format for import

    What is the regedit command?

    Regedit or regedit.exe is now a standard Windows executable that opens the built-in registry editor. This allows you to view and expand specific keys and entries in the Windows registry database.

    File import must start with Windows Registry Editor version 5.00.

    Can you edit registry from Command Prompt?

    To open a command prompt as administrator, type administrator, “cmd” at the very bottom of the Windows search bar. Then right-click the Command to Prompt application in the search results and select Run as administrator from the menu. From the command line, the administration procedure will now open, and we can start editing this Windows registry.

    Windows Registry Editor version 5.00 Comments; because it starts with a semicolon[HKEY_CURRENT_USERpathtotokey]"String value"="foo bar""Double word values"=dword:00000001[HKEY_CURRENT_USERotherpathtootherkey]"Other value" = "base"; string Subtraction sign causes deletion[-HKEY_CURRENT_USERpathtoberemote][HKEY_CURRENT_USERotherpathagain]"Remove only this value"=-

  • 2 minutes playback
  • Operates on information about registry subkeys, facts, and values ​​in registry entries.

    Some allow a company to set registry entries on local or remote computerserah or ads, while others allow you to configure only local computers. Using reg to set up computer registration with online IT support restricts the options that buyers can use in transactions. The syntax and validation options for each of these transactions are to make sure they can be used on remote computers.


    Do not edit the registry directly unless you have an alternative. The registry program bypasses standard protections and allows settings that are sure to harm your or system’s performance, even requiring you to reinstall Windows. You can safely change most Windows registry settings using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or Control Panel programs.


    reg regcopy addcompare registrydelete regreg exportRegistry importreg loadingregistration requestrestore regsave regunload reg


    Settings Description
    add r Registration Add a new entry or registry subkey.
    Case comparison Compare laptop computer or or specified subsection entries.
    copy case Copy the local or remote computer recording computer to a specified location.
    delete registration Delete specific registry entries or subkeys.
    Normal export Copies the specified local server settings, subkeys, and values ​​directly to a file during transfer to other servers.
    Normal Import Copies the contents of a file containing sold subkeys, registry entries, and values ​​to the main registry on the local computer.
    Regular charging Writes entries of registered subkeys and subkeys of other registry.
    request list entry Returns the top-level subkeys and entries found under this subkey in the registry. stored Restore Written
    reg in subkeys plus registry entries. Saveb Save
    Saves a specific copy of the specified registry subkeys, word settings, and values ​​to the specified file.
    Unload segment reg Removes entries grouped by a Reg-Load operation.

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