Troubleshooting Getaddrinfo Rdesktop Errors

Here are some simple steps that can help you fix the rdesktop getaddrinfo error.

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    One of my most popular applications in practice is rdesktop. It currently works on most and of course Unix with X Windows. With just one command line and such important parameters, you have very efficient access to your Windows PC

    $ rdesktop -g (screen size) -u (your AD user ID) -d (AD domain) -r disk: desktop = / home / (your Red Hat account) / -a (color depth) Name ( PC in Active Directory)

    1. Just a clear explanation of the -r option. On the filesystem of the Ubuntu box, the assignment to the remote desktop should be done. This way you can transfer the directory to and from the system.
    2. It seems that rdesktop can only work with a maximum color depth of 16. This is usually sufficient for a translucent Windows-like look.
    3. If you get ERROR: getaddrinfo: service name unknown, it is because DNS has something to do with incorrect resolution on your PC. To fix this problem fairly quickly, you can modify some of /etc/resolv.conf to enable the required DNS.

    Stop wasting time with computer errors.

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     lina  wrote:> On Thursday 13 February 2014 at 23:55 Reco wrote:>>> ERROR: getaddrinfo: no address appended to hostname>> This means that an attempt could be made to connect to an unresolvable hostname.>> (i.e. no hostname - IP mapping). No more, no less.>> Quick and dirty solution using host IP>> instead.> Tried i IP, this is a common problem.A little research on Windows Next servers that use NLA by defaultinstruct. Name (the server was successively changed to ourDetails of the infrastructure.)1.Rdesktop to a badly named host    rdesktop -people chris -p "$ PASS" -d example    Roadmap with auto-selected keyboard from-to    ERROR: getaddrinfo: unknown name or serviceYou might want to see rdesktop say it doesn't know how to fix identify the IP address. Something strange is the error I am gettingDifferent all aboutmistakes o OP. "No contact information associated with hostname"from EAI_NODATA but without further digging I can't figure out how it iscan be started. (I requested a DNS record without the letter A.recording, but I usually don't have time to build the program and experiment. Thismaybe a problem with IPv4-IPv6?)2. Rdesktop is a good reliable host with the correct name and may not offer remote desktop.service close to everything    rdesktop -u john -p "$ PASS" -d example    Keyboard guide is automatically selected due to   ERROR: Cannot connectRdesktop successfully resolved my name, tried to login,but was invalidated at the TCP / IP level.3. Rdesktop shows a properly named host that needs NLA    rdesktop -really you Chris -p "$ PASS" -d example    Keyboard automatically selected google de-gb map    ERROR: recv: connection dropped by peerRdesktop systematically resolved the name, tried to connect,but rejected at the application level.4. FreeRDP for a sponsor with the correct name that requires NLA    xfreerdp -u chris "$ PASS" -p - example    in the SERVICE contact  Р    Details of the certificate:Subject: CN = SERVER.example.netTransmitter: CN = SERVER.Example. netFingerprint: 39: 0b: 4b: 09: fa: a3: ae: 95: 91: fe: 84: ...   The above X.509 certificate could not be verified, [...]    Do you have the above trusted certificate? (WE)If I accept the certificate and the connection is established and I haveremote desktop session.Chris

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