How To Fix Nhibernate Class Not Found Persistent Error

You may encounter an error code indicating that the nhibernate persistent class was not found. Well, there are different steps you can take to fix this issue and we will get to that now.

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    I have a pair of Todo and TodoLog classes for which I mapped, and quite a few unit tests for the corresponding constructors. I runwith these tests, I usually get the error Not could load type TodoLog. Cause: Possibly no assembly alias was specified with inner exception persistent mappingexception: Class TodoLog not found.The error is still related to TodoLog even when I run a worker for the Todo constructor test.Enrolling in both courses is quite simple.

    [Class(NameType = typeof()Todo, Table implies "Todo")]public Todo class    Name="Identifier")][id(-2, [Generator(-1, class="native")]  Get virtual public long id; together;    [Goods]  Public electronic channel Get a title; together;    [Goods]  Get a virtual public directory TodoGuid; together;    student IList logs = new List();   [Bag(0, Name equals "Logs", Table = "TodoLog", Inverse equals true)]   [Key(1, Column="Tasks")]   [OneToMany(2, ClassType = typeof(TodoLog)]  Virtual Public Logs IEnumerable           get => logs;       protected set => log means (IList)value;   
    [Class(NameType implies typeof(TodoLog), Name = "TodoLog")]public class TodoLog    [Identifier (-2, name equals "Identifier")]    [Generator(-1, class="native")]   Get virtual public long id; together;    [many to one]   Get a public virtual Todo Todo; together;    [Goods]   virtual public enums TodoAction Action get; together;    [many to one]    virtual public ExecutedBy user gets; together;    [Goods]     Virtual DateTime ExecutedOn get; together;

    If I add the entire TodoLog password in a comment, the parsing works fine, but for comparison I add the Class attribute, this is the TodoLog I am getting the same mostly due to errors. Removing TodoLog completely and using a different TodoTest class will result in the same error as TodoTest.I also provide the .Net Reflector used to check if this class compiles correctly though, everything looks fine there.

    When I'm debugging the code now, when I check that the load fails, the convention contains TodoLog:

    foreach(cook in projectsAssemblies)    Configurationn.AddInputStream(HbmSerializer.Default.Serialize(a));

    When displaying the ExportedTypes property of an assembly, it will usually contain the TodoLog class, todolog will probably be listed in this list.

    I'm trying to specific use nHibernate as per your recent quick guide

    (link: ). Unfortunately, I can't even load the assembly with configs using .addAssembly(). I get a class with no "constantly found" exception... I have

    I set the option to create a personal xml file to "Embedded resource".

    Can anyone give me some ideas what could be wrong? I've been looking for a solution for a long time and can't find anything.

    persistent class not found nhibernate column="Username" name="Username" type="String" name="Timestamp" column="Timestamp" type="DateTime"/>

    o article
    Public {
    confidential int m_ID;
    private int m_MaterialgroupID;
    reserved string m_Number;
    private string m_username;
    private DateTime m_Timestamp;

    enumerated object()

    persistent class not found nhibernate

    common internal identifier

    set this.m_ID get average value;
    you paid This.m_ID;

    Internal Identifier Arrest Material Group

    set this.m_MaterialgroupID equal to
    value; get this. m_materialgroupid;

    public channel number
    set this.m_Number implies a value;

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