Easy Way To Fix Parallels 8 Blue Screen In Windows 7

Hope this guide helps you if you’ve seen Parallels 8 Windows 7 blue screens.

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    How do I fix Parallels Desktop on Mac?

    Restart your Mac and try launching Parallels Desktop. If the problem persists, restart your Mac in MacOS Recovery. To do this, restart your Mac and hold down the Command + R keys on your keyboard until the Apple logo appears on your home screen.

    After the migration is complete, the show Windows VM will go to a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or System Restore screen:

    • STOP 0x7B like (Windows 7).
    • Start UNAVAILABLE DEVICE – (Windows 10).




    Note If you continue with these steps, back up the entire .pvm virtual machine package.

    1. Start Parallels Desktop, but do not start the migrated virtual machine.

    2. Go to Configure Your Awesome Virtual Machine> Hardware> Boot Order and add the following series to the Boot Flags field:

      vm.compat_level = 2

    3. Start the virtual machine in recovery mode:

    • Start the digital machine;
    • Wait until another Windows repair window appears:

    • Press F1 (if you realize this doesn’t work, try pressing Fn along with the concept) to enter the recovery environment, then select the Troubleshoot option:

    • Click the More Options button:

    • In advanced options, only in the “Command Line”:

    4. Use the Command Prompt to navigate to the C: Windows system32 config folder.

    Note. In some cases, Windows usually installs to the D: drive, possibly with a different drive letter. It depends on your specific configuration.

    • To check where Windows is installed, follow these steps:


      parallels 8 windows 7 blue screen


      list size

    You need to generate a letter that will store the operating system (in the above example, this is drive E :).

    • As soon as you stumble upon the drive, change directory to this required folder:

      E:Windows System32 config cd


    reg hklm fix_SYSTEM SYSTEM


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE fix_SYSTEM ControlSet001 Control Class 4d36e967-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318

    • Find the “UpperFilters” price in the right main window and set it to “PartMgr”.

    • Find the LowerFilters value in the right pane and delete it.

      NOTE. In some cases, UpperFilters can have multiple values, some of which may be required by the system package. For example gpt_loader. These values ​​should also be left as they are.

      ALSO, if your reader is equipped with PointSec password protected software, you must also leave prot_2k.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet002 Control Class 4d36e967-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318

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    9. Close Registry Editor, return to Command Prompt and extract the SYSTEM tree:

    reg unload hklm fix_SYSTEM

    How do I force restart Windows in Parallels?

    Restarting your computer helps to revive a simple Windows system. To force restart Windows in Parallels Desktop, choose Actions from the Mac menu bar> click Reset. If you are using a virtual machine in full screen display mode, move your mouse pointer to the top of that screen and wait 1-2 seconds for the Mac power bar to open.

    10. Reboot the virtual machine. After you said everything starts fine, roll back your changes for process 2.


    • Your Windows electronic machine (or other operating system) cannot, and you cannot,let go.
    • When you try to start the virtual machine, you receive an error message.
    • You are receiving an important error message, or the virtual machine will not start due to a blue screen failure (BSOD).


    • The operating system installed by Windows on this virtual machine is corrupted.
    • Problem with Mac OS X (lack of free space, incorrect file permissions for Parallels Desktop).
    • Desktop semblance problem.


    Before trying the solutions described here, we recommend that you find the key with the error message that you will take into account when starting the virtual laptop: kb.parallels.com

    Parallels Gives Me An Important Error Message On My Desktop When I Start My Important Computer Or Nothing Happens.

    • You can start the virtual sewing machine because the error message “Hard disk image is missing, damaged, or another application is in use” appears when starting the virtual sewing machine. See KB 4680.

    • Unable to start virtual My virtual machine due to the following error: “Your virtual machine may be slow because your Mac may not have support for virtualization.” See KB 111693.

    • parallels 8 windows 7 blue screen

      The virtual machine failed to start due to permissions issues and you see the error message: “Access Denied: Families do not have sufficient rights to use this virtual machine.” See KB 5796.

    • After upgrading Parallels Desktop on behalf of a Mac, your virtual machine will crash and you will be able to boot into Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard with the following thoughts: “Critical error launching Virtual Maker on Mac OS X”. See KB 9231.

    • Unable to start virtual technology because errors may appear on the Mac hard drive. An error occurred while locating the hard disk PRL_ERR_DISK_READ_FAILED (820021029), errno = 5: (I / O error ). See KB 112140.

    My Windows Won’t Start The Trunk – It Stuck, But I’m Far From The Error Message

    How do I start Windows 7 in Parallels in safe mode?

    Launch the Parallels Desktop application and start the Windows virtual machine in safe mode by pressing the F8 key until the BIOS screen appears.

    • Your Windows virtual machine is stuck at this stage: “A disk check error occurred while starting the virtual machine.” See KB 112869.

    • Windows might have been written like it was stuck on “Try from SATA root drive …”. See KB 113342.

    Windows Starts Up With A Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)

    These errors are hardware related, possibly a driver, and cause the virtual machine to crash to avoid adversely affecting hardware or data. Contact Microsoft for help at support.microsoft.com/kb/129845.

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