How To Fix Ora Error 100

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    You may have encountered an error code saying ora error 100. Now there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will return to them shortly. SQLCODE=100 indicates that the particular SQL operation completed successfully but found no data to process. This may be due to a number of related events. SELECT is concerned with the following: The specified table certainly does not contain data; the table does not contain data that primarily matches the query criteria; or the row fetch has reached the last band in the table.

    Find out the reason for fixing the ORA-00100 error message through Oracle.


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    When clients encounter the ORA-00100 error, an appropriate error message is displayed:

  • ORA-00100: no data found
  • Reason

    What is Oracle error code for exception connection is null?

    Error code: 71. Reason. A null pointer exception occurs when you set the value instance of to differ from the value object.

    The application was trying to find data that was not available or didn’t exist.



    Possibility. 1

    This error should be handled as part of the approach. Set up the app accordingly.

      When start=”1″>

    1. Or When I Open The Application, I Get An Oracle Error Code -100.
      What Is Usual?

      thank You Not You

    2. ORA-00100: Data Found
      Cause. The App Referred To Unknown, Possibly Inaccessible Data.

      ora Error 100

      Action: Eliminate This Dilemma In The Application, Or Make Satisfactory Changes To The Application Code. Note. If The Application Uses SQL Mode In Oracle Instead Of SQL, ORA-01403 May Be Generated In Au Mode Instead Of ORA-00100.

      Sanjay G.
      Oracle Certified Professional 8i, 9i.

      “Details Of Normality In A Database Can Be Described As Inversely Proportional To Its Final DBA”

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    3. This is a standard error indicating that the data you are obviously looking for cannot be found. This type of error can only be detected by debugging the monitored application. Give your brain a little and find out for yourself


    Or At -100

    When I open the application I get an Oracle error code -100.
    What was it?

    What is the meaning of Sqlcode?

    SQLCODE is a powerful integer variable where the DBMS changes the state of the last executed SQL statement. See the Embedded Companion sql guide for details on your own declaration requirements.denial of the SQLCODE aspect in embedded programs.


    Sanjay is G.
    Oracle Certified Professional 8i, 9i.

    “The degree of normality in a brand new database is inversely proportional to the level of the DBA”


    ORA-00100: files not found
    Cause: The application referred to recognized or inaccessible data.

    How do I fix an ORA error?

    Option 1. You make it clear that the real TNSNAMES.ORA file is also located in the protection tools directory.Option 2: Make sure the names of the products and services you are connecting to include TNSNAMES in. ORA and it is correctly defined.Option 3: Make sure that some of these TNSNAMEs do not contain syntax errors. OPA file.

    Action: Eliminate this type of condition in the application, or make appropriate changes to the application code. Note. If the application uses Oracle mode instead of SQL in sql, ORA-01403 will be generated in Ansi mode instead of ORA-00100.

    ORA-00100: not found
    Reason: Data The application received a link to or unknown inaccessible computer files.

    ora error 100

    Action: Correct this condition in the application, or make appropriate changes to the application code. Note. If you see that the application is using SQL instead of mode, pleaseIn general Oracle, for SQL ORA-01403 is being developed in Ansi mode instead of ORA-00100.Color=”red”>”Der


    This is a known bug indicating that the data you are looking for cannot be found. These types of errors can only be tracked down by debugging the application. Give your brain a little exercise and find it yourself

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  • Blog entry about Oracle error codes? Maybe even curiosities?

    If buyers are in doubt that this could be any more affordable or interesting, schedule these two questions:

    Can a big bug in Oracle have more than one human code?What’s wrong?

    If you answered “Yes” yourself the first time, and then also answered “Yes” and “No”, you probably don’t need to hear this message.


    Oracle Errors With More Than One Error Code?

    But is it true that there is at least one bug that links two only different error codes at home and is one of the many common “bugs” you will run into in your favorite code:

    What is Ora 01403 No data found?

    The ORA-01403 error is related to SQL parsing, which was supposed to return all the data you needed, but the data was not found. The error is usually associated with SELECT INTO clauses, rows that can retrieve sets of columns from a list. Write an exception that “if nations NO_DATA_FOUND return ‘No content in selected variable'”.

    When I execute your SELECT INTO statement, Oracle returns NO_DATA_FOUND if no rows were found for the query. It fires too_many_rows when multiple rows can be found.


    Something that shows conforms to these rules. I’m creating a chart with no data. So my SELECT-INTO finds no rows and no error because the message displayed (there was no exception from this rule engine) shows that the error encodes -1403 (or is it something like 1403? I’ll look at that quirk later).

    CREATE TABLE t (n COUNT)/EXPLAIN   l_n NUMBER;BEGIN   N select INTO FROM l_n t;END;/ORA-01403: data not found 

    Now I will handle the exception, first with OTHERS, then with WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND, and I will display the profit returned by SQLCODE.

    EXPLAIN  L_n NUMBER;BEGIN    SELECT FROM nINTOL_n t;AN EXCEPTION   IF OTHER   THEN      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Error code is || ' SQLCODE);END;/Error code 100EXPLAIN = l_n number;begin  SELECT n INTO l_n FROM t;AN EXCEPTION   IF no_data_found  THEN      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Error code = || sqlcode code);End;/Error=100

    This is, of course, very strange. How can it be good? You say exactly that: buy the best answer, since the source in this case is the actual code of the STANDARD package, which defines many data types and exceptions in the PL/SQL.STANDARD language, the owners in will find:

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