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    Error using package [connection manager “Oracle Connector 1”]: An OCI error was encountered. Failed to create OCI environment

  • Edited Navind Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 00:01
  • oci error encouneterd

    I now have an SSIS package that uses the Connection attunity Manager to connect to a database in Oracle.

    He connects a local PC One (to a remote computer, the Oracle database helps the server) and extracts, and everything seems to work.

    The problem occurs when I upload it to the system for sql to run as a task.I ran jobs, some other than , and the resulting configuration was correct.Strong, configured to run the actual 32-bit runtime as the file system type appears.

    What is the error code for OCI environment initialization failed?

    WTE-01507 not Error: Failed to initialize environment A. Cause: The Oracle Database Cache routing engine may not initialize this OCI environment handle. This can happen if the environment variable is set incorrectly or if the client needs to rebuild the OCI library.

    but after trying to run all tasks gives this future error:

    Run as user with username:. Microsoft (R) SQL Server Runtime Package Utility version 12.0.2548.32 0 bit copyright Microsoft (c) Group. All rights reserved. Mistake : started: 27-09-2019 21:39:28 21:39:28.90 Code: 0xC0010018 Source: Package
    Description: Error loading value “

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    Now that it’s moving locally, I think they might be related to something on the sql server I’m deploying that particular package to, so I’ll give some tweaking of the concept and some notes:

    1. When run with SSIS OLE DB source, it runs hard (but I want to use this setup since I read it’s faster)
    2. Server Rendering: Microsoft SQL Server this year – 12.0.2548.0 (x64) Windows nt on 6.3 – Microsoft Server sql (64-bit)
    3. I tried to install the Attunity components from here:, two unfortunately locally on my machine becauseoh I’m on a server. got a location error saying SQL Server is installed but the installation seems to have completed successfully as per this screenshot below:

    ---------------------Microsoft Connector for Oracle by Attunity-----------------------An error occurred while registering:"C:ProgramsAttunityMicrosoft Connector for Oracle50ENUAttunitySSISORaAdapters.Error dll"-----------------------There was a problem registering from the connector from:"C:ProgramsAttunityMicrosoft for Oracle50ENUAttunitySSISORaConnections. A dll error has occurred"-----------------------and when registering through:"C:ProgramsAttunityMicrosoft for Oracle Connector50bin32ENUAttunitySSISORaAdapters.DLL"-----------------------An error occurred while registering:"C:ProgramsAttunityMicrosoft Connector Oracle50bin32ENUAttunitySSISORaConnections for.dll"-----------------------
    1. I’m using Studio 15 professional.9.16 2017 but not limited to block> as follows:

    About SQL Server Tools 15.1.61906.Microsoft 03120 SQL Server Data Tools

    Integrating SQL Server Integration Services with Microsoft SQL Server Service Designer 14 version.0.3002.113

    Visual oracle Studio Developer Tools for Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio Copyright 2005, 201(c)7

    oci error encouneterd

    Please let me know if I don’t have enough information to solve the problem.I think I’m missing some component, but usually I know exactly what it is.

    UPDATE: I changed the current version of the target server in the package properties from server sql 2017 to this year (the version I installed) and now I’m getting this error:

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