Steps To Get Rid Of Mountain Lion Kernel Disable Panic

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    If you have Mountain Lion kernel panic when you shut down your computer, this user guide will help you fix it.

    I am suffering from a mid-2009 15-inch MacMook Pro running version 10.8.2. Open it regularly after my computer goes to sleep and as a result I get kernel panic. File logs reached AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient kext and I also don't see any relevant third party files in the kexts crash log. Do you have any idea what might have triggered this tip? Maybe a hardware failure?

      Wednesday thirty days January 20:16:32 2013panic (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800e4b7bd5): kernel hole at 0xffffff800e42da10, type 13 = general protection, logged:CR0: 0x000000008001003b, CR2: 0xffffff80effc5000, CR3: 0x00000000110ac000, CR4: 0x0000000000000660RAX: 0x000000000000001, RBX: 0xffffff80206e3000, RCX: 0x00000000009000000, RDX: 0xffffff80e9f60078RSP: 0xffffff80f57c3e50, RBP: 0xffffff80f57c3e80, RSI: 0xffffff80e9f60068, RDI: 0x0000000000000000R8: 0xffffff800eabec60, R9: 0x00000000ffffffffe, R10: 0x00000000001d9bc0, R11: 0x0000000000000000R12: 0xffffff800eabebe8, R13: 0xffffff8020711ad0, R14: 0x01ffff8020711aa0, R15: 0x0000000000000000RFL: 0x00000000000010002, RIP: 0xffffff800e42da10, CS: 0x000000000000000008, SS: 0x0000000000000000CR2 error: 0xffffff80effc5000, error code: 0x0000000000000000, CPU error: 0x0Backtrace (CPU 0),frame: return address0xffffff80f57c3af0: 0xffffff800e41d6260xffffff80f57c3b60: 0xffffff800e4b7bd50xffffff80f57c3d30 and 0xffffff800e4ce4ed0xffffff80f57c3d50: 0xffffff800e42da100xffffff80f57c3e80 = 0xffffff800e82e1e90xffffff80f57c3ec0: 0xffffff800e82ca470xffffff80f57c3f30 to 0xffffff800e82d3a20xffffff80f57c3f70: 0xffffff800e831e990xffffff80f57c3fb0 likeBSD 0xffffff800e4b26b7 Same process name as current thread: kernel_taskMac OS version:Not yet definedKernel version:Darwin Kernel version 12.2.0: Saturday, Aug 25 00:48:52, 2012; root: xnu-2050.18.24 ~ 1 / RELEASE_X86_64Kernel UUID: 69A5853F-375A-3EF4-9247-478FD0247333Main slide: 0x00000000e200000Kernel textbase: 0xffffff800e400000System version name: MacBookPro5,3 (Mac-F22587C8)System uptime in nanoseconds: 1680101793last Kext downloaded 227453939: only 196.0. (address 0 0xffffff7f902ca000, size 20480)uploaded Family Family 1.0 

    Most crashes on Mac only affect one application. But you and your family may experience a system-wide glitch that will crash your Mac - it's a complete kernel panic. When you see this, there is no warning or opportunity to save your work or possibly do something else without restarting. And since kernel panic can have many different causes, it is difficult to diagnose the problem and therefore prevent it from recurring.

    How Do I Know If A Kernel Panic Is Trustworthy?

    How do I stop kernel warnings randomly shutting down my Mac?

    Update all of your software.Find out which endings are broken.Make sure the diskenough free space.Run Disk Utility.Disable startup items.

    If you are running OS X 10.7 Lion or earlier, the kernel panics constantly, constantly dimming the screen from top to bottom and showing a test message in multiple languages ​​prompting most people to change boot your Macs (adding a power hold button). important for a few seconds to turn the idea off, then press again to turn it on again).

    Before Lion, every kernel panic looked like this (on a screen that would not have responded otherwise).

    Why did my Mac have a kernel panic?

    If your current Mac restarts unexpectedly, it has encountered an error presumably caused by kernel panic, and even a message that your only computer has been restarted due to some problem. The most likely cause is faulty software. Kernel panic can also be caused by damaged or incompatible devices, including external devices connected to your personal Mac.

    Starting with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X will restart immediately if you experience a corresponding kernel panic, then display a similar live message for 60 seconds (or last keystroke) informing everyone that your Mac has been a problem since restarting. (If the kernel panic recurs frequently every time you restart your Mac, OS X will give up after five tries and shutting down the Mac.)

    As Apple points out on its product support page for panic kernels, as random and fleeting as malformed network packets can potentially make the panic kernel work and forget about it.

    In Mountain Lion OS X automatically reboots when the kernel racesstretches and then notifies you of what happened.

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    However, if you frequently see some sort of kernel panic (Apple appears “often” “more than once every few weeks”), you need to take additional steps to resolve the issue. I suggest a sequence of steps slightly different from the one described by Apple.

    First Of All

    mountain lion kernel panic on shutdown

    If you are using operating system X 10.8 or higher, immediately after restarting your Mac, you will see a dialog box asking if you want to reopen the applications that were open before the crash. Click "Open"; If the exact kernel panic recurs, it is most likely that one of the applications is to blame, so click Cancel almost next time. In any case, you will most likely get another dialog asking you if you would like to get more information and report the crisis to Apple. This is probably the reason why you clicked "Report". They may be good at details technically, but just look at the details mentioned earlier and click OK to send the report to Apple.

    Should I be worried about a kernel panic?

    Thus, they are relatively easy to diagnose and interact with constantly. There is no way to reduce kernel panic, but as long as you are ready, if you ever ask to deal with it, you also don't have to worry about your life.

    If you keep seeing the core panic,try this particular course of action until everything is resolved.

    Safe Boot: Restart your Mac and hold down the Shift key until you see the gray Apple logo. This temporarily interferes with the software that could cause problems, and also performs some cleaning processes. If the kernel panic is definitely not returning, the time is more normal.

    Update Outdated Software: Software now often gets into kernel panics. This can include the X operating system itself in combination with common applications, very rarely. Most often it is low-level software, kernel drivers and extensions. You have installed software with additional modules (network adapters, audio interfaces, video cards, peripherals, etc.). Look for more recent styles. Choose Software Update from the Apple menu to update OS X, Apple apps, and items purchased from the Mac App Store; For other games, use the built-in updater or visit the developer's website.

    Upgrade Firmware: Upgrade the software Cookies can also notify you of updates available on your website for your Mac. If so, be sure to install these products. You can also check for firmware updates applicable to your Mac model at

    mountain lion kernel panic on shutdown

    Check your hard drive: Make sure your startup drive has at least 10 GB of free space. not yet, delete some files to free up space. Then, to find and fix disk errors, boot from a different volume, launch Disk.Utility, select the boot disk, and click Repair Disk. (The easiest way to do this if you're using OS X.7 or later is to immediately press Command-R and launch it to access OS X Recovery. It doesn't work, or when you can. If you have you are an older system, the owners can boot from any bootable duplicate on your hard drive, or simply from the OS X installation media.)

    Check Peripherals: If Kernel Panic persists, shut down your current Mac and disable everything but the main type (keyboard, pointing device, optional Display if not installed), as well as any equipment. You have another Mac inside, like a large graphics card. Turn your Mac back on. If the problem does not recur, repeat the process, attaching one set at a time. If you're experiencing kernel panic right after you plug in your hardware, this could be your culprit.

    How do I restart my Mac after kernel panic?

    Shutdown Mac after Kernel Panic When someone sees the restart message, press and hold the power button until your Mac shuts down. It's time to find out exactly what happened, or at least get your Mac back up and running. Getting your Mac back on track can be as easy as turning it on.

    Check your memory: bad memory can cause kernel panic and therefore these errors sometimes appear for a very long time. If you added RAM afterwards, try shutting down your current Mac, removing excess RAM, and restarting your computer. If that helps fix your kernel issues, contact the company that experts say sold you the RAM for warranty replacement.

    Recent Efforts

    After that, the troubleshooting steps will take longer - enough, if no solution is found, I will most likely consider meeting at the nearest Genius bar. However, if you have a spare hard drive, you can use it on your sneakers to install the new OS X emulation and runsoftware update to make sure everything is probably up to date. If it looks like Kernel Anxiety won't start from disk, you can be sure it's a software issue - some obscure gremlin dealing with a boot disk. Unfortunately, if you are starting with a different set (or using OS X Recovery) and need to reinstall OS X over an existing application, the easiest way to fix the problem is to have a hard drive and reinstall everything from there.

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