Notes On How To Fix Various Zonecfg File System Errors

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have come across an error code with various zonecfg filesystem errors. This issue occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss this below.

    zonecfg:test> give limited cpu
    zonecfg:test:capped-cpu> ncpus=1
    zonecfg: install test>verify
    test: another filesystem error

    miscellaneous file system error zonecfg


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    0 global run // native share

    1 test/common running native zones

    Interaction With Readers

    This article shows you how to install Zone on Solaris 11. Unlike Solaris 10, we don’t install it without Solaris configuration in the repository. First we have to start the Solaris 11 repository and then you. In many cases, the Solaris local zone (that is, thinning 11 does not have a root zone) can install Solaris using the following method. Starting with Solaris 11, all local zones use an exclusive IP address.

    With an exclusive IP address, you can leave the IP address undefined, although you can do so when configuring the zone. zone can then be configured to install to a specific IP address from the local location itself.

    So you have to set the second zoom to local. You can simply duplicate it from the first run.o again saves time. How to clone a level? Look here.

    1.Create a region configuration:
    Create a zone local using the zonecfg query, as we did in Solaris 10. Here you need to configure the zones as without a zone specifying the root settings for each of them.

    Arena-Node1#zonecfg Sol11zSol11z: -z No such zone configuredUse "Create" to start a big area setup from scratch.create zonecfg:zarena>zonecfg:zarena>zones:infoFirst name sol11zZones way:Brand: nativeautostart: falseboot arguments:Swimming pool:limitprivat:Programming class:IP Type: GenericHost ID:zonecfg:zarena> set zonepath=/export/zones/sol11zzonecfg:zarena update > Anet Linkname=net0zonecfg:zarena:anet>zonecfg:zarena:anet > endzonecfg:zarena >> checkzonecfg: charged feezonecfg:zarena > exit

    2.Run Solaris Zone installation
    The construction of the local zone is just beginning. And you, your family, have an IPS configuration store.

    [email protected]:~# zoneadm -z sol11zThe following tracked ZFSs were created: system rpool/export/zones/sol11zProgress is written directly to /var/log/zones/zoneadm.20130210T233056Z.sol11z.install.    Image: readyGo to /export/zones/sol11z/root. AI manifest: /tmp/manifest.xml.F_ayqq  SC profile: /usr/share/auto_install/sc_profiles/enable_sci.xml    Zone name: Start sol11zInstallation:...              Create an IPS ImageRelated launch: 1/1 completed        Install packages from:Solaris origin: Symantec: http://localhost:1008/solaris/ce43f14c4791b5320596e2023cde1ec08709a3af/Origin http://localhost:1008/Symantec/ce43f14c4791b520596e2023cde1ec08709a3af/DOWNLOAD XFER SPEED PKGS FILES (MB)Completed 183/183 33556/33556 222.2/222.2 139 k/sARTICLE PHASEInstallation of new innovative 46825/46825Update package status index actions DoneUpdate Image Status DoneCreate Quick Search Database DoneSuccessful installationNote. The manual pages can be extended by installing the pkg:/system/manual done package. Completed: Installation completed in 2392,837 seconds.Next steps: Start the zone and then log in to the zone console (zlogin -C) to complete the setup process.The log is stored in all non-global zones /export/zones/sol11z/root/var/log/zones/zoneadm [email protected]:~#

    miscellaneous file system error zonecfg

    [email protected]:/etc/zones# -unces zoneadm sol11z define [email protected]:/etc/zones#[email protected]:~# zoneadm -cv  ID NAME STATUS PATH LABEL IP   three solaris global/shared noises   three mainsol11z jogging on a treadmill /export/zones/sol11z solaris except

    4. To enter the console into zones:
    After logging into the console, you must configure the local zone.

    [email protected]:~# zlogin -C sol11z[connected to console zone 'sol11z']  Time zone: regions   Select the Off region, which contains the person's time zone.       regions   qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq      UTC/GMT      Africa      America      Antarctic      arctic ocean     Asia      Atlantic Ocean     Australia      Europe      Indian Ocean     Pacific Ocean F2_Next F3_Previous F6_Help F9_Exit    Time zone: locations    Select the property that contains your time zone.       resins   x Afghanistan    x Armenia    Azerbaijan back button    Timetables Bahrain    xBangladesh    x Butane    Brunei x Cambodia x China g

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