Easy Way To Fix Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Error 1004 Excel 2010

Over the past few days, some of our users have informed us that they have encountered Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Error 1004 Excel 2010.

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    Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is designed to help users evaluate programs for the Windows operating system. It works as an internal development language in Microsoft Office, for example based on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and.

    Some users have definitely reported that when running VBA through an Excel chart or when trying to generate a macro in Excel documents, they encounter an error message that says: Runtime error 1004. And then they start to find that you cannot access Excel files. If you have the same meeting with these users , this local guide is for you. This page lists both the factors and the associated solutions for this important code error.

    Runtime Error Details

    How do I fix runtime error 1004 in Excel VBA?

    Start MicrosoftExcel.From the menu bar, select File> [Excel] Options> Trust Center> Trust Center Options> Macro Options.At the top, click the Radio Stations button to Disable All Notification Macros.

    The error message contains more instructions than error code 1004. Usually, if you follow the error code, someone might see a short description. Most of the recurring error messages are listed below:

    1. Runtime Error 1004: Application or Object Error.
    2. Error 1004 occurs on run: Could not process worksheet object method. Error
    3. Runtime 1004: The class method of the copy of the worksheet failed.

    Reason Why You Are Seeing Runtime Error 1004 In Excel

    If you want to know the easiest way to fix runtime error 1004 in Excel, you need to think about the cause of the problem. Here are the main reasons.

    • Macro name error.

    The macro you create copies the original worksheet, which can be used to close the workbook with a specific handle that you have not saved and therefore close before running the macro а. Conflict


    • File when opening Excel VBA file, this situation conflicts with other programs.

      • Too many legendary entries

      Excel chart contains legend entries as a place to display legend entries in each chart.

      • Excel file corruption.

      How To Fix Excel Runtime Error 1004

      Fortunately, while there are many variables that can cause this Excel 1004 error problem, users can help with some valid dosage options when re-accessing files. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

      Fix 1. Remove The GWXL97.XLA Files

      The easiest way to fix Excel Error 1004 is to find your own error file and delete it.

      Step 3. Open the Excel file again and see if the problem is resolved.

      Fix 2: Checking Trusted Access To The VBA Project Object Model

      Another solution you may have is to enable the Trust Only option for the VBA project in the Excel Trust Center. Follow the detailed instructionsInstructions and try it.

      Step 1. Open a blank Excel file and click Files in the upper left corner.

      Step 4. Enable the “Trust the ability to connect to the point model of the VBA project” option in the macro settings.

      Hotfix 3: Create Another Excel Template

      This structure can be problematic, but it is useful and worth trying.

      Step 1. Create a new Excel workbook and make sure it often contains only one worksheet.

      microsoft visual basic run time error 1004 excel 2010

      Step 1. Format the first workbook and enter the required information.

      Step 3: Click File> Save As, enter the file status first, and click the expansion arrow in the Save As Type column.

      Now you can also insert it programmatically using the actual code: follow Add type: = path filename. The file producer is the one you specify when you create a new Excel template.

      Fix 4: Recover Corrupted Excel Files

      If the solutions above cannot help the person, it is likely that the Excel file you are trying to open is corrupted. On the path to the corrupted Excel file inIn many cases, you can rely on file recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Assistant is the perfect choice.

      Click “Scan with this tool” and wait until it tries to find all the damaged documents for the person. Then choose the one that you absolutely need and click “Restore”. That is all you need to do to recover corrupted Excel or Word report with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

      microsoft visual basic run time error 1004 excel 2010

      Download the type of software and follow the detailed instructions below to repair corrupted Excel files.

      Step 1. Choose a location to start scanning for corrupted Excel files

      Run the EaseUS Data Wizard, repair and then frequently scan corrupted or corrupted Excel files.

      How do I enable Visual Basic in Excel 2010?

      Select the “Developer” tab from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Then click all of the Visual Basic options in the Code group. The Microsoft Visual Basic Editor should now appear and you should certainly be able to view your VBA code.

      Find all corrupted files by filter, purpose, file search, etc.

      Step 3. Also restore the Excel file to a safe and secure location

      Double click Excel Fix tab and this program will repair corrupted Excel files automatically. Click “Restore” tosave recovered Excel files in a safe place.

      End Result

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      After reading it, you should be clear on how to fix runtime error 1004. If you can be sure that the Excel image you are trying to open is valid, the first three methods will definitely help you.

      After you’ve destroyed your Excel file, using a professional document recovery tool will be a smarter solution. It is worth noting that EaseUS Data Recovery Assistant can help you in the event of a virus attack on your computer system, accidental file deletion and serious system crashes in the event of Excel files being damaged in spring.

      Realistic solutions Step by step troubleshooting
      Fix 4: Remove GWXL97.XLA files Fix Excel Error 1004 to find the error file and delete it as well. Go to C: Program to Files MS Office Office XLSTART … Follow the steps
      Fix 2: Confirm reliable access to the VBA project object model Enable trusted option to install VBA in Ex Trust Centercel to resolve Excel error 1004. Open a blank Excel file … Follow the steps
      Correct Step 3. Create Another Excel Template Start an Excel Beginner Workbook and make sure there is only one worksheet at a time. First format the book … Follow the steps
      Review fix. Repair damaged file Recover corrupted Excel files with a reliable file processor. EaseUS file recovery software fixes Excel corruption … Full Steps

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