Suggestions For Fixing Microsoft VBScript Compilation Error 800a0409

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    If you see a microsoft VBScript 800a0409 compilation error message on your computer, check out the suggested fixes. This error code 800A0409 occurs regularly when you run absolute VBScript. You most likely have a left closing sign if not a parenthesis.

    I’m getting error code 800a0409, mined consistent string, on line 1, 54 with each code below.

    Explicit parameterDim ObjProgressMsgDim strMessage, strWindowTitle, strTemp, wshShell, objTempMessage, strTempVBSSet fso, strVstup, objText, strVystup, f, dtmVyt, dtmF, dDiff, fName, fExt, dtmAkt, fShort, msgTextDim tx, fso CreateObject("Scripting =.FileSystemObject")Set objText means fso.GetFile("l:batposledni.den")strVstup=.From "l:folder with files"strVystup implies "l:backup"dtmVyt ObjText=.=last modified datemsgtext "Text exactly on top of copy and rename" & vbcrlf & "files please wait... all msgTextFor the world"progressmsg p fso.GetFolder(strVstup). files   dtmF f means .DateLastModified    dDiff is DateDiff("s", dtmVyt) dtmF If dDiff 0 < Then          progress message ""          WScript.Echo f  end ifnextWScript.Echo associated "From text to current task".Function ProgressMsg(strMessage)Written by Denis Saint-Pierre' Shows a progress message box that just might kill the original script in both 2k and XP' If strMessage is empty, do remove the prefixThe previous field of the execution word'Using 4096 in msgbox causes below progress message to pop up on top of thingsDISCLAIMER: You only need to set Dim ObjProgressMsg above your company script for it to work as described.    Set wshShell WScript =.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")   WshShell strtemp =.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%TEMP%" )    If strMessage is equal to "", then       Disable error checking if objProgressMsg hasn't completed yet        If error, then continue        ' Exit ProgressMsg        objProgressMsg.Terminate()        ' Re-enable error checking        In case of error jump to 0       output function   end if        strTempVBS = strTEMP + "" & "Message.vbs" 'Restart control file from ' for Message.Vbs create, True = overwrite   ObjTempMessage set is fso.StrTempVBS, createtextfile(True)  ObjTempMessage.WriteLine("MsgBox""" & strMessage & """, 4096, """ & "a_sp_rano" & """" ) ObjTempMessage.Close    ' Disable error checking on ObjProgressMsg if it doesn't already know about it    If error, then continue    ha Exit ProgressMsg previous objProgressMsg.Terminate()    i Re-enable error checking    With error 0 goto 'Raise ObjProgressMsg, also leave an object on it    ObjProgressMsg Set = WshShell.Exec("%windir%system32wscript.exe" & strTempVBS)output function

    The script should display a message box when looking for recent files older than the modification date of the posledni.den file, which continues to run. Once the file is found, this close method should return to msgbox the entire found file.It works very well when I change it to match this:

    msgtext to text Copy "one when renaming" and optional &VbCrLf &"files please wait...="
    msgtext "Something renaming about copied text" & "Files, please wait..."

    Removing VbCrLf from them seems to fix just bugs, no news, it's obviously an event. I don't understand why it even behaves the way I did wrong. Any hint to the problem will be greatly appreciated.


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    Ok guys, there is one simple thing to worry about:

    VBScript Pro compilation error in Judgment Strin constant

    I use Internet Explorer 5.5
    here is the sql statement.....

    Thank you John

    sql is equivalent to "INSERT INTO SystemsAccessReqs (UserNameL, UserNameF, UserNameMI , UserPhoneW, UserPhoneH, UserFax,< br>Dept#, JobTitle, NewWS, ExistingWS, NewUser, Marcam, existing user, JDE, WMS, PR, TA, NT, NTRoam, LNotes,
    LNotesGroup, ColorLaser, DialUpAccess, Modem, ModelAS400 , ModelNT, SerReqComments,< br>DateSubmitted) VALUES ('" & strNameLast "', & '" & strNameFirst "', & '" & strNameMI "', & '" & strPhoneW "', &
    ' " & strPhoneH "', & '" & strPhoneFax "', & '" & intDept "', & '" & strJobTitle "', & '" & blnNewWS "', &
    '" & blnExWS " ', & '" & blnNewUser "' , & '" & blnExUser "', & '" & & blnMarcam "', '" & blnJDE &
    "', '" & blnWMS "', & '" &blnPR&"' , '"&blnTA"', &'"&&blnNT"', '"&blnNTRoam", & '"&bln LNotes"', &

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