Troubleshooting Steps For K2 Blackpearl Error Log

If you have a Blackpearl k2 error log on your computer, I hope this guide will help you.

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    White Paper
    k2 blackpearl error log

    This lists the various logging options, layout layouts, and public output in K2. As a developer, your company may need to review logs and use the available logs, milestones when writing native code for the K2 platform.

    k2 blackpearl error log

    In general, if you change the logging configuration files, you must restart the K2 website for the changes to take effect.

    Host Server. Console Mode

    Run the K2 host server in console mode to see what is happening on the K2 host server in real time. Is this .useful for .fixing .performance .problems, .authentication .problems, .and .problems .when the .K2 .service .does not .start?

    . . . . . . . . . . . .

    To .run ..K2 in console mode, stop this Windows K2 service and then start the game console mode using the K2 shortcut, Blackpearl Server (service account) in the start menu.

    We recommend that you run the K2 console in the context of your K2 service account so that you get the same credentials that are used when the servicewhile K2 starts a trusted Windows service. This avoids spurious errors because the PC user context is the same for console and service modes.

    If you use the
    Console add.Writeline(“”);
    custom statements that code executes in the server context (for example, code in a workflow or code in a custom Service Broker ), the output is displayed. in the device window of the host server.

    Host Server Logging

    To configure host server logging, edit the [Program Files (x86)]K2 blackpearlHost ServerBinHostServerLogging.config file, set and Increment the required logging target settings, and then view the custom logging information. Keep a log of these files, especially when troubleshooting connectivity and authentication products.

    For more information about host server logging, see KB000309: K2 Host Server Logging.

    You can have up to custom log providers that will output K2 log information to the ideal destination of your choice. For the floorFor new information, see this dedicated section on logging extensions.

    SmartObject Execution Log

    To configure logging for runtime smart objects, currently edit the K2HostServer.exe.File configuration file located in the K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin folder. Then, in the for section, configure the types of log files you want to create.


    for all log files are disabled, so you must change the log=”no” setting to log=”yes” for each log file you want to create. You restart the K2 service to apply the configuration changes, check the SmartObject method, and then check the output of the log files. Actually the Marketplace log files are written to [Program Files (x86)]K2 blackpearlServiceBrokerlogs

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