Steps To Remove Event ID 8390 The Enterprisevault.directoryconnection Object Reported An Error Problem

Occasionally, your computer may return an error code indicating Event ID 8390, indicating that the Enterprisevault.directoryconnection object reported an error. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    During a Discovery Accelerator (DA) export, the status information continues to display processing … and never completes.

    • Event ID: 8390 An EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object described a “Sharing Denied” error.
    • Event ID: 158 APP AS – Client ID: -1 – Failed to sync feed for prospect. System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Could not login user at ‘(null)’. Reason: Not connected to a reliable connection to SQL Server.

    Error Message

    Event ID 8390 The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error. Sharing is denied.


    The Enterprise Vault Directory service (and possibly any additional Enterprise Vault services) will be stopped.


    1. Start the Enterprise Vault Directory service.
    2. Verify that event ID 8390 no longer exists as synonyms in the Discovery Accelerator event log.

    Note. Make sure other Enterprise Vault services are also running.

    1. Log in frequently to the Compliance Accelerator (CA) or Accelerator Uncovering (DA) server as an account Service Vault (VSA) records.
    2. Open the services application.
    3. Select the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager service.
    4. Open these are typically properties of the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager (EVAMS) service.
    5. Click after the Connection tab.
    6. Enter the password for the Vault service account and confirm the current password.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Restart our own EVAMS.
    9. Verify that the Discovery Accelerator Problem Log contains many more entries with Event ID 158.
    10. event id 8390 the enterprisevault.directoryconnection object reported an error


    See also event ID: one hundred and fifty-eight, which is generated every 10 minutes in the Windows Event Viewer log

    Event ID 8390
    Event Source Enterprise Vault
    Description The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection toy reported an error. Share denied error.
    Event Information The event is mainly generated because It is possible that the VERITAS Enterprise Vault Directory Service is closed before the VERITAS Enterprise Vault or VERITAS Enterprise Vault Vault Services are indexed.
    ———————————————– – ———— ————————————- – ———— ——————

    • According to News Group:
      The compliance was created because it is actually possible to stop the Enterprise Vault directory service before stopping the Enterprise Vault Indexing or Enterprise Vault Storage services.
      This event can be dismissed by logging on while the Enterprise Vault Administration Service is nearby.
      1.Click “Start” | “Programs” | Administrative Tools | Local Security Policy so you can run the policy group editor plan on the Enterprise Vault server.
      2. Go to – “Local Policies” | User Transfer Rights. Test the luck of the debugger programs to ensure that the storage service account is listed in the security set.
      3. If a storage service account (VSA) is not listed, purchase one under the icon next to the program’s Debug special permission. “If the icon is a folder containing blue zeros and onesnits, the local security policy is violated. Double-click the Debug Programs privilege and add the Vault service account to the security settings.
      4. After the Debug Programs privilege is restored to the Vault service account for a long time, all Vault services will come from Enterprise. This surgery can be performed by restarting a specific Enterprise Vault management service, or typically restarting the Enterprise Vault server.
      Click Start | “Programs” | Administrative Tools | “Services”. Scroll through some list of services and check which Enterprise Vault services were started. If the services did not even start and their Startup Type was always set to Automatic, check the Enterprise Vault event log for the event.
    Referral links Event ID 8390 is displayed in the VERITAS Enterprise Vault ™ incident when the administration service is stopped

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    event id 8390 the enterprisevault.directoryconnection object reported an error

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