Solution To Decompress Corrupted Installer Data, Memtest Error

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    Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported that a corrupted memtest installer encountered errors while unzipping the data.

    1) Intel i7-3770 adapter
    2) Asrock H77 PRO4
    3) Coolermaster T4 Hyper Cooler
    4) G.Skill-RAM 8G
    5) Powercolor AX7870 2 Go
    6) Modular PSU 550W FSP Raider Not 550

    There are various mutton sticks. several new and 2 old products (g.skill – new).

    1) Reinstall clean win8.1 after getting your own BSOD bsods
    2) still occurs, but less often after reinstalling Windows
    3) Payment will freeze in the last week and a colorful screen with lots of horizontal lines may look very good
    4) The video card is removed and works on the built-in video card. Always the same problems.
    5) I was just experimenting to get Memtest running, but I think Comp restarted on its own halfway to Memtest, when I went back to market to make a paycheck I saw a Windows Metro movie instead of Memtest-Screen.



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