How To Resolve Error Code 1100x6e

You may see an error code with error code 1100x6e. Well, there are different ways to solve this problem and we will talk about them in a minute.

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    I’m having trouble calling my MsiOpenDatabase ( aspx) function of my program when I run “Administrator than run’. If I open it with an administrator account, but the explicit executable runs, everything works fine. This indicates that the MSI file path to etc. should be correct.

    So I get a high error code (0x6e) 100 before running MsiOpenDatabase().I tried calling msigetlasterrorrecord here ( once but nothing happens when I try to “run” the code present in time in the message box to print. Never mind.I definitely don’t have Visual Studio to debug the target machine, so debugging can be a little tedious.

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    The target product is Windows 7 x64. The application will most likely be 32-bit.But just running it in elevated mode without rights won’t work, but running as administrator… should feel good, is there any answer that could come from that fact?

    error code 1100x6e

    EDIT:Sooner or later I will solve it!Apparently, I had to look at se On the new share where the whole MSI file is located (on which I’m trying to call MsiOpenDatabase), right click on the history and select “Run as administrator” because then and only then do I get a UAC received dialog packet asking for credentials (I I mean I was able to open windows explorer as administrator and access all network resources without any problem, I never thought it would get what people like that would give me). After that, I was able to run my tool, and it no longer gave an error calling MsiOpenDatabase.

    But why would I need to do this procedure to easily access the runtime file on the network 2 . Share 0, because I already had access (execution of rights) specifically to the user, but otherwise increased? How is Windows supposed to prompt an Internet user for credentials, usually if it is already using elevated privileges for the same account that is already connected to a network share? This seems odd to me, but I suspect I’m missing an important part?

    LPCTSTR szPersist implies MSIDBOPEN_READONLY;MSIHANDLE database handle;resultGet UINT = MsiOpenDatabase(strPath, szPersist, &handleDB); // strPath is like a problem _T("serverMSISetup.msi");

    The value of the result variable is 100, this is if an error occurs as described above, and watch the part for in the update section. I find this strange, but maybe someone else knows UAC better than me, which is why I have to provide credentials so quickly by accessing the network share report and running it as administrator to try and get it to work (because I lucky that non-administrative credentials will be provided with the same account previously in the same network share location)?

    Repository with errors or type 0
    Event Name: OfficeClassicSetup
    Answer: Not available
    ID.Archive 0
    error code 1100x6e

    Business Problem:
    P1: cab: andel 16.0.4266.1001
    P3: 16.0.4266.1001
    P4: MsiAPI call failed
    P5: #8819079A
    P7: Specified
    P9: Msiapicall
    page error.8:

    Analysis of Sambolo Delaware:
    New solution search: 0
    IDENTIFIER. s 819a77e5-8ab9-11e7-8c96-902b3435136a
    Status report: 1

    2017/08/26 reports: PERF: 23:27:21:518::[4092] TickCount=534631853 Name=OBootStrapper::RuDescription=Run n function
    2017-08-26 23:27:21:522::[4092] 6 se version:.1.7601 Service Pack 1. Identifier: Platform 2
    2017-08-26 23:27:21:522 ::[4092] Run 64-bit any installation of 64-bit OS.23:27:21:522
    2017-08-26::[4092] Command line: “G:SETUP.23:27:21:523::[4092] exe”
    08/26/2017 Command line factor not specified
    08/26/2017 Check 23:27:21:651::[4092] file signature using “G:SETUP.EXE”
    2017-08-26 23:27:21:722::[4092] G:SETUP.EXE signed, verified
    26 August 2017 SignerCheck for file signature 23:27:21:722::[4092] in “G:proplus.wwOSETUP.DLL”
    08/26/2017 23:27:21:875::[4092] G:proplus.wwOSETUP.DLL is signed, the signer is being verified
    08/26/2017::[4092] 23:27:21:885 Using controller configuration DLL only in [G:proplus.wwOSETUP.DLL].
    2017/08/26 PERF:::[4092] TickCount=534632212 23:27:21:885 Description=Rufname=obootstrapper::run Setup

    08/26/23:27:21:901::[4092] 2017 PERF: TickCount=534632227 Name=RunSetup Description=Run Function
    2017/08/26 la 23:27:21:901::[4092] The element WER [P2] has a definite value [OSETUP.23:27:21:901::[4092] dll]
    08/26/2017 WER Element [P3] is set to recognize [16 es.0.4266.1001]
    23:27:21 Catalyst start 26/08/2017:902::[4092] started: 23:27:21 26/08/2017.
    2017/08/26::[4092] 23:27:21:902 Is setupexe mode persistence set to [PerformIfApplicable]; so fault tolerance is more likely to be[disabled] for [InstallExecutionMode]
    2017-08-26 23:27:21:902::[4092] Check for updated versions of resource applications in the Updates folder [G:updates].23:27:21:903::[4092]
    2017-08-26 Resource files [0] found in all update folders.
    2017/08/26 23:27:21:903::[4092] To search for pending versions of resource files anywhere in any folder in our [G:].
    2017/08/26 23:27:21:916::[4092][1] directory resource found in default folder.
    2017-08-26 23:27:21:917 Execute::[4092] in [InstallExecutionMode]. TEMP is running in the [C:UsersPC9_WORKAppDataLocalTempSetup000036d8] folder.
    2017/08/26 23:27:21:956::[4092] Downloaded content resource [C:UsersPC9_WORKAppDataLocalTempSetup000036d8OSETUPUI.DLL] (CultureTag=en-US).< br >2017-08-26 23:27:21:976 ::[4092] WER option [suppressmodal] should set price to [false]
    2017/08/26 23:27:21:977::[4092] Element has wer[p1] value [16.0.4266.23:27:21:978::[4092] 1001]
    2017/08/26 Dll loaded: G:proplus.wwOSETUP.DLL.23:27:21:978
    08/26/2017 ::[4092] version definitely: catalyst 16.0.4266.1001
    08/26/2017 23:27:21:978::[4092] JobExecutionMode – InstallExecutionMode.
    2017-08-26 Check 23:27:22:189::[4092] if Office is installed on Windows 6.1.7601, 23:27:22:256 is supported
    2017-08-26 ::[14276] LIS: Start parsing xml
    configuration08/26/2017 11:27:22:257 PM Scan List::[14276]: Done “90160000-0117-0409-1000-0000000FF1CE”
    26 lis.08.2017 Package 23:27:22:265::[14276] LIS: Getting Started
    26 parsing-setup-xml.08.23:27:22:266::[14276] 2017 LIS: LIS package parsing completed ‘90160000-0090-0409-1000-0000000FF1CE’
    08/26/23:27:22:278::[14276] 2017, LIS: start XML configuration parsing
    2017-08-26 23:27:22:279::[14276] Scan read: completed with “90160000-0016-0409-1000-0000000FF1CE”
    26 lis surprise.08.2017 READ: 23:27:22:289::[14276] Start parsing xml
    2017-08-26 organization 23:27:22:289 ::[14276] LIS: Analysis of variant “90160000-00BA-0409-1000-0000000FF1CE” LIS completed.2017-08-26 23:27:22:300 ::[14276] LIS: start with xml
    parsing installed2017-08-26 23:27:22:301::[14276] LIS: package list parsing completed 23:27:22:306 “90160000-0044-0409-1000-0000000ff1ce”
    August 26, 2017. ::[14276] launching LIS: XML configuration parsing process

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    Codigo De Error 1100x6e