Are You Having Problems With The 80040e37 Error Table?

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    Over the past few days, some of our users reported having encountered the 80040e37 error table.

    Troubleshooting Code Error 80040E37 – Table Exists But Does Not Exist

    Error 80040E37 literally means there is an error in the LDAP domain storage table. In practice, however, the most likely syntax error is on the LDAP: / domain line.

    An Introduction That Can Cause Error Code 80040E37

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    This error code 80040e37 occurs when submitting VBScript. You are probably using the WSH method to connect to LDAP. I suspect there is a note with hieroglyphs in the language.

    Symptoms You Get Code Error Related To Cause 80040E37

    Incorrect space reference in LDAP command. In this case, “table” refers to the connecting domain, for example: LDAP: // domain.

    Variants: or during instruction processing aand additional information errors. Error 80040E14
    Incorrect syntax. Error 800401E4

    Solution For Error Code 80040E37

    Check the line in your program that refers to “Provider”. Revert to previous LDAP entries if necessary.

    error 80040e37 table

    Sign 1: often! it just means the whole series won’t work. In case of reading errors, you can use this function

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    Sample Script – Table Does Not Exist

    Note that the error is on line 15: this should normally be “LDAP: // DC = CP, DC = Com”. I was unable to get the device to work with the strDomain variable; until Bruce M. kindly wrote and followed up on the fix. If there’s a voicemail here, be sure to check out the quotes from the two bottles.

    Remember how your mistake will be different, first apply the general principles and study the different arrangement of characters in the language.

    error 80040e37 table

    Error line 15 & “” LDAP: // “& strDomain objectClass = ‘printQueue'” where

    The correct line 15 for parsing is & “â € ˜LDAP: //” & strDomain & in. “Where objectClass =” printQueue “inch

    I just couldn’t buy my script to get it working … until I mastered binding and LDAP.

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    â € ˜ Getting domain names from RootDSE.ObjRootDSE object
    set = GetObject (“LDAP: // RootDSE”)
    strDomain = objRootDSE.Get (“DefaultNamingContext”)

    WScript.Echo strDomain â € this is an extra string tested by the guy

    Constant for ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE is 2
    Set objConnection = CreateObject (“ADODB.Connection”)
    Set objCommand to CreateObject (“ADODB.Command”)
    objConnection.Provider = “ADsDSOObject”
    objConnection .Open “Active Directory Provider”
    Set objCommand.ActiveConnection = objConnection
    objCommand.CommandText = “Select Printer Name, Server Name” _
    & â € ˜LDAP: // â ‘& strDomain where
    objCommand objectClass = ‘printQueue’ “. Properties (” Page Size “) = 1000
    objCommand.Properties (” Timeout “) = twenty
    objCommand.Properties (” Searchscope “) = ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE
    objCommand .Results “) properties (” cache = False
    Set objRecordSet = objCommand.Execute
    Execute before objRecordSet.EOF
    Wscript.Echo “Printer” name: & objRecordSet. Fields (“printer_name” ).
    Wscript value. “Servers specify name:” & objRecordSet.Fields (“serverName”).
    objRecordSe value t.MoveNext

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