Tips For Fixing Error 53.11 03

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    Over the past few days, some readers have informed us that they have encountered error 53.11 03.

  • 53 Error.11.B 03

    what Error.11.03 this manufacturer has 4050n

  • This is a memory error…

    This means that the memory channel slot in A dimm #1 failed the RAM test…

    1. Try starting the printer again.
    2. If this is not a problem, please replace the memory.

  • Administration 53.11.What The Hell Color=”Red”>error

    it’s 53.11.On 03 it’s HP at 4050N

    A Printer

    This is memory…means

    This is that when you start the USB key, the slot is not dimmed. all 1 RAM tests failed…

    1. Try restarting the printer.
    2. If this is not a problem, please replace the memory.

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  • In this user-friendly document:

      KRS Document BPL90096


      Last Updated: November 12 – 2002

      Minimum 2


    Multiple stumbling blocks related to DIMM firmware, DIMM memory, DIMM font, DIMM flash, or PCB formatting can result in various error 53. Error 62 NO SYSTEM is more likely to be caused by a combination of one of most of these factors.

    Applicable Parts Face=”Arial” (part Numbers Subject To Change)

    Part Description

    4550 aspect number

    Reference 4550N

    Link 4550DN

    Part number 4550HDN

    **For best details, see table “Requireddetails” by mistake. Face=”Arial” >




    Not applicable


    error 53.11 03

    Check the printer control panel for the same error and correct accordingly. On fig. 1 shows the DIMM slots in detail. Use this picture and fix the specific error in the specific slot.
    Fig. 0. DIMM slots on HP Color LaserJet formatter

    2 — Second SDRAM DIMM slot (one labeled J13 on formatter)
    1 – First SDRAM DIMM slot (one labeled J11 on formatter)
    4 – Fourth slot for DIMM only for fonts (marked J10 on exact formatter)
    3- Only three firmware DIMM slots (marked J7 on all formatters)

    Error 53.13.00

    If face=”Arial” 53.13.DIMM 00 ERROR 4 SLOT 0 alternates with PRESS GO TO. A memory error message is displayed on the Continue control panel. Operational memory location Contacts 100 4 (slot – J10) not Recognized.

      Printer supports less than 100 contacts, but fully supports 168 contacts.

      Clear Error


      1. You press GO on the control panel. (The computer printer will NO LONGER show an ERROR if the warm-up continues.)
      2. Turn off the face=”Arial” printer after the READY message appears on the control panel. displays.
      3. value=”3″>

      4. You can check how many times the DIMM has been correctly installed on the formatter by removing and reinstalling the DIMM.
      5. size Install any new formatters and turn on the printer. If the error persists:
      6. Compact

        1. turn off the printer again.
        2. Face << li> span Size=” 2″>Remove =”arial” formatter.

        3. Remove expensive or font DIMM.
        4. Install Restart the formatter without the DIMM and turn the printer back on. If the computer printer does not display the error again, replace the font or flash DIMM.

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    Detail description face=”Arial”

    error 53.11 03

    Link 4550

    Reference 4550N

    Link 4550DN

    4550HDN part number

    No time required

    No data




    53.10.03 Failed To Evaluate Face=”Arial”

    If one or both of them is likely to have no memory slot installed or no backup found, the panel will display a control error 53.10.03.

    . .

      .a .function .. EDO brightness control not supported.


      1. Turn off the printer in the shop to resolve the error.
      2. Delete everything from the card formatter. (Instructions for removal are usually found in the document) end.
      3. Make sure the DIMM is properly installed in the permanent slot. a – J11 formatter, by removing the card andBy not installing a DIMM.
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