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    Today’s blog post was created to help you if you get error code Error 1023 perflib. Likewise, Microsoft-Windows-Perflib error 1008 occurs when all required DLLs are disabled. To resolve this issue, type lodctr / e: then press ENTER (replace with the name of the library file). Hope this helped. Download PC Repair Tool to quickly find and fix Windows errors.

    error 1023 perflib

    Source – Perflib
    Event ID – 1023
    Windows Force cannot be extensible counter dll [module], the first specific DWORD in the data section is probably a Windows error code.

    The system is probably missing the DLL a listed in the registry р.

    1) Create the name that is mentioned when you see [module] in the sale message with ID 1023.
    2) Click Start, click Run to enter regedit [enter]
    3) In the main registry go to the section:

    What is Ntdsperf DLL?

    In most cases, ntdsperf. dll, DLL file problems occur because the file is missing or corrupted (by malware or virus) in the file store of the Microsoft Windows Server system. The dynamic link library, known as the proprietary format for system files, is most commonly in the DLL data format. Our ntdsperf database.

    (where ServiceName refers to the [module] name posted in step 1.)

    4) In the service branch, check the entry labeled “Library”.
    5) Make sure the specific file in the folder is the output file referenced in the library entry in the registry.
    6) Browse your computer to save this filename to see if the house exists elsewhere.
    7) Compare the file size and versions of the files found. If the main DLL from step 5 may be an older / lower version, try renaming that DLL and copying the newer one to the folder.

    Otherwise, if you cannot find DLL Anywhere on your computer, check the source storage devices (CD / DVD) from which you installed the product to see if the DLL might be there. Copy or extract this method to the folder where Perflib is waiting for you.
    Then run Command a in time and type:

    error 1023 perflib

    REGSVR32 [path] [dll file] – The location and path of the dll file refers to the full path and file name of some of the files you just copied.

    event ID 1023
    Source Microsoft -Windows-Perflib
    Description Windows does not load extensible counter DLL% 1. The first four bytes (DWORD) of the data section contains our Windows error code.
    Event Information According to Microsoft:

    Stop wasting time with computer errors.

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    Each of our errors was causing a non-Microsoft DLL
    Solution: < br> Contact the vendor
    Contact the vendor that provides the DLLs in question. If the operating system DLLs are causing the specific error, contact Microsoft Customer Support.
    The counter list was recently corrupted.
    If the performance counter reads rows for the specified online system that could not be unloaded, the registry might be corrupted.
    Dec Last:
    Rebuilding the Counter List
    Membership in the Local Administrators group is required. Follow this procedure.
    To create a list of counters in the list of a person’s registry:

    1. Click Start, expand All Programs, then create Accessories.
    2. Right-click Command Prompt, then select Run as Administrator.
    3. For a quick command, type lodctr / r, then just hit ENTER.

    Required DLL will be disabled
    Reactivate required DLL
    Membership in Administrators is required to actually complete this procedure.
    To select a dynamic DLL To activate:

    1. Click Start, All Programs, then click Accessories.
    2. Right-click Command Prompt, then click Run when you click Administrator.
    3. At a command prompt, type l odctr / e: & ltDLL-Name & gt and then press ENTER, where & ltDLL-Name & gt is the name of the library.

    The application is in a hurry with the privilege To view the performance of the counter A user can be a member of the Performance Monitor Users group, the Users group of the Performance Log group, the Administrators group, or specifically. Applications running as a user or system account with insufficient privileges may not display hundreds of counters correctly.
    Run the tool as a user with sufficient rights
    By default, the application will run with the same permissions as the user who launched it. You can set up websites to work as a local bundle account or as a specific customer. You can also run the target as an administrator, but in Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 with UAC enabled, you must demonstrate that you want to run some type of application every time it is launched to run an administrator. which collect endless meter data as a local kit account to troubleshoot authorization issues.
    If you really don’t want to run the application For security reasons, you can actually add a user to run the registry as a performance log user group and assign the command the logon right as a batch job to enable collection of performance counters every time you start applications.
    Membership in the target PC’s Local Administrators group is required to actually complete these procedures.

    • Add User – Performance Log User Group
    • Assign some user rights. Log in as a batch request from the performance log user group

    Use ca:
    File and Printer Sharing Firewall Exception Enabled
    Probably Not Resolved:
    Enable Firewall Exception for sharing files and printers on a remote platform running Windows Vista
    In Windows Vista and therefore Windows Server 2008, the file must be very much included in addition to the printer sharing firewall exceptionwearable on the target computer before you can get remote performance counters.
    Membership in the local Administrators group on the computer is required to change the firewall settings.
    To enable the File and Printer Sharing exception:

    1. In the target software firewall, click Start, then in Control Panel>
    2. Double-click Windows Firewall in the search results.
    3. Click Wi-Fi Firewall to change settings.
    4. On the Exceptions tab, select Always Off File and Printer Sharing.

    Remote reason:
    The registry service is indeed enabled from the remote system
    enable all registry services remotely
    L Membership in the local Administrators group is indeed required for this specific purpose to complete this procedure.
    How to activate the Remote Recording Service:

    1. On the latest target system, click Start. In the Start Search text box, type
    2. , type compmgmt.msc, and optionally press Enter. Control consoleMicrosoft Office (MMC) starts.
    3. Distribute services. And Apps in the navigation tree and click Services.
    4. In the Services list, right-click Remote Registry and select Start.

    You are using Windows Performance and Reliability Monitor to verify that the netowkr performance counter is correctly captured and displayed for the performance graph monitor. In a component, you can use typeperf to get a list of the exact counters available on your local system.
    Membership in the Local Administrators group is required to complete these procedures.
    View the performance monitor for the latest counters
    To view the performance counters on the desktops:

    1. On the computer on which you want to view the performance counters, click the Start button. In the Start Search for a Specific Type of Text Box box, type perfmon.exe, and then press ENTER. In the navigation pane, expand
    2. Monitoring Tools, and then click Performance Monitoring.
    3. Click. They usually click the Add button.Add to an open marketing email list with available counters.
    4. In the Add Counters dialog, you can access Help for more information on adding counters. When you are finished adding counters to the list, click OK.
    5. Make sure the counters you selected are displayed in the Performance Monitor graph.

    Counters display the list typeperf command
    To display a list of selected counters at the prompt:

    1. Click Start, select All Programs and then Accessories. Right-click Command Prompt and run Run as Administrator.
    2. At the command prompt, type perf -qx and press ENTER.
    3. Check if the list of performance counters contains the expected values.
    References Event ID 1023 provided by Source Microsoft-Windows-Perflib

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    How do I resolve Event ID 1023 perflib?

    Note the name listed as [module] in your event ID 1023 message.Click Start, Run and type regedit [Enter] (if you don’t have the Run option, usually press Windows Key + R).In the registry go to the key:

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