The Easiest Way To Fix Outlook Error 0x800c0131

If you see Outlook error 0x800c0131 on your computer, you need to take a look at these ideas for a solution.

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    If you start Outlook Express or trySend an email, you can receive it at the following addressError messages:

    • MSIMN caused an invalid pageError in module Msoe.dll
    • MSIMN invalidated the pageError in “unknown” segment
    • MSIMN caused nausea on the pageError in module Directdb.dll
    • Msimn threw an exception.C00000006h in Directdb module.dll
    • Outlook Express:the message could not be sent. Considered insufficient space.
    • An unknown error has occurred.Protocol: SMTP Port: Three security: No [SSL] Error:0x800c0131 Face = “Arial”> Die

    error 0x800c0131 outlook

    • Click Start Face = “Arial”> then
    • then
    • In a named type fieldDbx folder.
    • In the Search in field, clickFamous hard drive(usually brand C), thenClick Find Now.
    • Right-click the .dbx folder.File, follow and click Rename.
    • Also enter folder.oldClick on OK.
    • Restart Outlook Express.Automatically creates one Folders.dbx file.

    When you and your family start Outlook Express or try to send an email message, you may receive the following error messages:

    • MSIMN caused single page invalid error in module Directdb.dll
    • MSIMN threw exception C000006h in segment Directdb.dll
    • MSIMN caused an invalid page issue in module Msoe.dll
    • MSIMN caused an invalid page error in “unknown”
    • Outlook-Modul Express: The message could not be presented. Not enough storage.
    • An unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP Port: 0 Security: No [SSL] Error: 0x800c0131

    The most common cause of errors is a damaged or abandoned folder.dbx file. It can also be configured for verbose read-only. To solve this problem:

    • Press any launch button; in the oppositeIn this case, look for Search.
    • Click files or folders.
    • In some packages, “Find files or folders. with names ”enter“ folder.dbx ”.
    • Under Look In, select your primary hard drive (usually C :), drive and click Find Now.
    • Right-click the Folders.dbx file and choose Rename.
    • Enter folder.old and click OK.
    • After Outlook Express starts, a new Folders.dbx file should be automatically created.

    Outlook 0x800C013B Error While Trying To Send Message

    When you try to send message A in Outlook Express, you may receive the following error message:

    An unknown error was reported. Protocol: SMTP, Port: 0, Security (SSL): No, Error number 0x800C013B:.

    This issue occurs if the Sent the Items.dbx initiator is corrupted.

    To resolve this renaming issue, the Sent Items.dbx file must be separated from the Outlook Express mail files: Start,
    Click Find, then click Files or Folders.
    Enter Sent Items.dbx in this field.
    In the Look In box, select your primary hard drive (usually drive C) and then click Find.
    ClickRight-click, I would say, the Sent Items.dbx file, then click Rename.
    Enter Sent Items.old, then click OK.
    Restart Outlook Express. This will completely create a new downloaded Items.dbx file.


    Some of my pop3 users have encountered the following error while trying to send a message using Outlook Express 6.0.

    An unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP Port: 0 Security: [SSL] No Error: 0x800c0131

    The message is saved in the Outbox folder and remains there. When you SEND / RECEIVE you will receive the above error message.

    error 0x800c0131 outlook

    When I restart my computer and log in, the phone message is sent AUTOMATICALLY.

    Microsoft suggests renaming folder.dbx to folder.old and expects Express to recreate it.

    I had to do this, but usually I still have the same problem. But now a man or woman does not need to restart the computer. He should go to OUTBOX, open the message and press the “SEND” button again. The message leaves a will without any problems. Ideas

    what happens a lot. Hundred mailboxusers are quite large (500-700MB).

    Thanks in advance.

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