Solution For Error 08001 In Sybase

If you see error 08001 in your Sybase error code, these troubleshooting tips are worth reading.

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    Severity 11. SQLCODE -105 SQLSTATE 08001 Sybase error code 4001 The specified storage system could not be started. Either it will definitely not be there, it is not a separate database, it is corrupted, or keep in mind that this is an older, unsupported format. So please check the SQLCODE or SQLSTATE error codes for the error you are actually getting, they should be more desirable. SQL STATUS: 08001.

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     Continuous error SQLE_UNABLE_TO_CONNECTODBC 2 status 08001Specify ODBC or maybe 08001Parameter 1 Reason why the database cannot be started.Gravity 18SQL CODE -105SQLSTATE 08001Sybase Issue Code 4001 Reported

    Unable to start data logging. Either it does not exist, it is not a database , it is damaged, or the item is in an older format that is not supported.

    So, you need to check the error codes or sqlcode SQLSTATE of the error you received, they should be more accurate …

    For the “Database server not found” error message, also known as SQLCODE -100, we get:

    The database server is not started, is starting or stopping, or the library cannot find a specific interface.

    Using the LOG interconnect parameter in the client connection string sounds good.

    error 08001 in sybase

    replied 25 February 19, 09:03

    What is Sybase error code 4001?

    Severity 11 SQLCODE -105 SQLSTATE 08001 Sybase error code 4001 The specified database could not be started. Either it doesn’t exist, it’s definitely not a database, it’s corrupted, or it’s an older format that needs to be supported. So please check the SQLCODE or SQLSTATE error codes you receive, they should automatically be more accurate.

    Volker Barth
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    Hello everyone, I’m new to .NET and Sybase so I really need help with this issue. My main goal is to make the Vista mobile web app compatible.
    and with Windows 7 I already have a Delphi desktop application that works in conjunction with is
    connected to a Sybase SQL Anywhere 17 database 17. Now I’m on
    Developing a functional .Web-Net application thatuses a main web service to connect to the same database. I don’t try it in the morning. to open a new network connection, instead tried to use
    (share) the same database connection that was opened with a Delphi desktop app, the browser turned like this:

    Is it possible that I can use the same connection as the
    desktop app?

    I even tried to establish a new connection and it paid off too
    Here is the code

    ODBC connection code:
    c (OdbcConnection cn = new
    OdbcConnection (“Dsn = GlobeRelay5; uid = DBA; pwd = SQL”))

    cn.Open ();
    const stringed domainString = “SELECT FROM
    maildomainname.SETTINGS DBA”;
    (OdbcCommand with cmd means new OdbcCommand (domainString, cn))

    with (OdbcDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader ())

    grave (reader.HasRows)

    although (reader.Read ())

    Settings.MailDomainName =
    reader.GetString (0);

    int fCount implies reader.FieldCount;

    How often do I need to hot connect to the database, which
    are already open by another application without closing it ?.

    error 08001 in sybase

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