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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered an error code while downloading the free full version of Norton Antivirus 2013. This problem can be caused by many factors. We will review them now.

    Hi, I have an Acer V5-571G laptop and I’m using Windows 8.0. A few months later, several laptops officially downloaded the Windows 8.0 update, when it was installed, my laptop got a lot of errors, so my lover told me that he can format my laptop, but the problem is that my friend has it. can. Do not enter the boot palette or even the BIOS menu. We tried F8, F12, SHIFT+F10, Boot with Key+F2 but didn’t get straight to the BIOS or trunk menu. So, how do I get into the boot menu or BIOS if it’s really not possible due to my dead Windows 8.0?

    download norton antivirus free full version 2013

    Indeed; I followed some of the steps from the videos posted by the community, but those steps work well with Windows 8. Or does 0 only work with Windows 8.1 or both?

    When I searched the forums this morning where this issue was not resolved, I created an account to share a specific solution as I have been struggling with this and got no help other than to send the device back to the manufacturer for a replacement (and whatever there was no data on the case), even the techies of their company could notcan give me not very complicated instructions on how to reset/clear a broken bios, their solution was to travel to a country where there is a service center that owns the unit that was replaced under warranty, only their ticket will be more than twice the price of the specific unit.

    Let me first clarify that this solution can be applied to reset/remove a corrupted/mis-specified BIOS from a device that has no other way to boot everything (no CMOS jumper installed / removable CMOS battery / no full battery of removable device / no BIOS setup button / shorted BIOS pins do not work with settings / USB ports do not work with accessories / display is off / application does not start at all / no random sound).

    Stop wasting time with computer errors.

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    I’ve had all of the above load twice with identical sets of devices, basically the device freezes shortly after changing some bios settings, my first laptop/tablet usually tops up within the first month of warranty after I get a new device I plugged it in by accident back througha whole week after changing the main video memory settings in the bios, I was out of the water and I could not send it back to the repair center, and contacting them led to even more frustration. p>
    download norton antivirus free full version 2013

    – You need to know the BIOS name, version, etc., search Google for a YouTube video of your device with bios related to the topic, and write down the name after the bios if you don’t need a manual. mine was like “InsydeH20”

    – Upload your bios firmware, I showed mine in a youtube video, give your opinion, download unlock, on the other hand, updating the bios firmware file for your main model can also work.

    – The downloaded BIOS firmware is a single file like the following: “FirmwareName.fd”,

    Copy this file to your USB root directory and rename it exactly to “Bios.fd” (no apostrophes).

    1. Open the device and be careful not to damage the clips or small wide laces.

    2. The device will just be wrapped with a PCB with various chips, you won’t see anything standard, RAM disks, floppy drives, comparable CMOS or anything removable like the besttraditional PCs/laptops.

    3. Locate the connector connecting the battery to the motherboard/PCB and disconnect it. The device is usually a nifty little flat 4-pin connector that can be disabled. If yours needs soldering, you will need to desolder it.

    4. Move the connector back a little if the device is making abnormal noise at the speaker output, or if some LEDs flash briefly when everything flashes for a fraction of a second and then goes out again. Just in case, repeat this idea.

    Now let’s try a simple solution first, if the buyers turn it on but it no longer has a display, you can immediately remove or press F2 or any BIOS key, I had to hold the volume large + low to signal the UEFI BIOS, and from there go in the BIOS, the Chinese have hidden this unique BIOS for a good reason, hahaha, you must have a video BIOS or have problems navigating there blindly, but first of all, if you think you hit the reset button again on the bios, usually F9 or something then another, presses enter and F10 or whatever, To save the key and start again, if you’re lucky, you need to reset the bios.

    None of this worked as I was able to get into my BIOS and reset/reboot the device multiple times but it still won’t reset, you don’t erase non-BIOS each time, but you also don’t try again the device requires step 4 Trust me, not wishing at first that nothing will happen when I try to enter the BIOS again.

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