Tips To Fix Chrome Notification Icon On System Tray

Over the past few days, some of our users have come across the familiar error message with the Chrome notification icon on the taskbar. There are a number of factors that can cause this problem. Let’s discuss this below.

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    The warning area (also called our “system area”) is located on the Windows taskbar, usually in the lower corner. It includes miniature icons for easy access to system functions such as antivirus settings, printer, modem, volume, battery status, and more.

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    Have an annoying notification icon displayed by Chrome on the taskbar? Instead of hiding it, you can simply delete it. Already a few days on Chrome Canary and dev. Builds started by checking the “Chrome – Notifications” icon in terms of notifications on Windows, of which 7 are matte (means no unread messages), this icon is useless at the moment because the Action Center for Chrome is still under development, and Google Now maps are now supported and extensions can also use this action center to display notifications.

    How do I remove Chrome notifications from system tray?

    Right-click this icon in the notification area and select Personalize. From there, you can hide the icon and select notifications based on the Chrome notification icon.

    Microphone icon in the taskbar with the message “Google Chrome is using your microphone”

    Double-clicking this icon displays informational notifications for your pregion. You can tap Settings to manage notification permissions for Google Drive and Gmail apps. Sometimes, by clicking the icon correctly, you can choose to sleep, sleep for an hour, or choose sleep during the day. But a person cannot approach the option, it will appear in the tray when the Chrome browser is launched.


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    Just right-click the alert box for this icon and choose Customize. There you can hide the icon and notifications for the Chrome notification icon. However, if your company does not want this to happen all the time, follow the procedures below.

    chrome notification icon system tray

    2. Find the flag “Enable extended notifications” and select “Disabled” from the drop-down list. So scroll down and click the Restart Now button.

    The Chrome notification icon will completely disappear from the taskbar. You must do this for both Canary and developers. built.

    Why is there a notification on my Google Chrome icon?

    Chrome ads usually appear during purchases. It will notify you when this site or app sends you a notification. When users receive certain notifications from the website, they generate recovery notifications.

    The advanced template notification flag is set by default for Canary Chrome and development channels on Windows Chrome. If you include this code, HTML5 notifications and app alerts will appear in the new shared notification center.

    chrome notification icon system tray

    Update May 28, 2014 Google has unchecked the checkbox for notifications with advanced templates. Now, you’d better hide the Chrome notification icon by following the steps above.

    Why is Chrome in my system tray?

    An asterisk in the taskbar indicates that Chrome is running in the background and indicates the browser’s task manager as well as an application running in a specific background. The easiest way to get rid of it is to disable the main option “Allow Google Chrome to run in the background” in the context menu.

    Google Chrome now displayed a time-bound notification watermark on the taskbar that users were almost unable to remove. I’m not talking about warnings that you can remove after bypassing the ability to run programs in the background, I’m talking about the popular – “Chrome notifications that just showed variations on right-clicking to enable them. Quiet mode. “/ p>

    If you’re wondering why you usually have a choice of different notification templates and settings, a lot depends on which version of Chrome you’re using. In our guide on how to prevent Chrome from running normally in the background after you close your browser, you will learn how to remove the “old” notification icon, such as the system, and permanently close that type of browser on exit. program.

    Below is a screenshot of the definite iconchrome notification that cannot be removed by disabling background apps that start the system when someone closes the web browser.

    Google seems to have recently added a new feature to the browser that allows anyone to remove the notification icon from there. Can’t tell exactly how long it was because I just stumbled upon it and while looking at the test indicators in the browser today I found out if there is anything new in it. Browser after update with most updates.

    Here’s what you need to do to turn off notifications and launch From Shine on the taskbar immediately after exiting your browser:

    • Type chrome: // flags in the browser address bar and press Enter.
    • This will open up new browser capabilities that anyone can use to enable or disable features to remove those that are not yet ready for prime time.
    • Look for the Enable Enhanced Notifications option. The best way to do this is to press F3 to bring up the search form and paste the preference name into this tool.
    • Change the setting from Standard to Off toturn it off.
    • Restart each browser.

    Please note that the world famous notification will no longer appear if the browser is subsequently closed and restarted first. You can make a setting to prevent Chrome from running in the background if you want to close it. Please note that you will not receive any notifications if you disable the functionality of your website.

    Google has removed our own “Enable rich notifications” option in Chrome 33. There is hope, however, as I discovered two more options for handling the icon in the Windows system status bar.

    1. The icon is displayed if you have Chrome installed on your iPhone. You can check chrome: // extensions / to see if this is the case. If you don’t want to use any apps, uninstall them and the notification icon should automatically appear the next time you restart.
    2. If you need these apps, do so right away to hide the notification star in Windows. Click on the little arrow next to the time on the Windows taskbar and just click Personalize ь ”. The tray icon control panel will open. Scroll down until you find a link here for Google Chrome and along the way select the hide these notifications icon. This will prevent Chrome from showing up the icon on the system, possibly if you have any apps installed.

    Google has changed the warning messages in the Chrome browser. Maybe here are some more tips on how to remove the notification bell from the taskbar: Chrome: // settings / content

    1. Open in Chrome’s address bar.
    2. Scroll down to find your notifications.
    3. Change the setting to “Do not allow sites to use Show desktop notifications.”
    4. Click Manage Exceptions and just delete all the pages listed here.
    1. Load the Chrome: // flags page for the browser.
    2. Press F3 in Top Secret and enter a notification to find all associated settings.
    3. Disable all gates. Includes:
    4. This primarily allows you to sync notifications and device discovery notifications.

    Do you want to safely remove the notification with the Chrome icon? These instructions offer the easiest way to remove it from your system.

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