Bug Fix And Fix Cannot Open Inline Links In Outlook

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    In this blog post, we will learn about some of the potential causes that may cause inline links to fail to open in Outlook, and then we provide possible solutions that you can use to try to resolve the issue. The main reason why hyperlinks don’t work in Outlook is because the default Internet browser (correctly) is not saved in your working configuration. This issue usually occurs after you have successfully uninstalled Google Chrome or changed the default portion of the browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome or Firefox.

    Why Do I Have The Option To Enter A CAPTCHA?

    Why can’t I open a hyperlink in Outlook?

    Even after resetting someone’s default browser, you still might not be able to offset the hyperlink in Outlook. One or more registry ideas may be damaged. The solution is to re-register some of your DLL’s information. The process may seem daunting, albeit uncomplicated.

    Completing a CAPTCHA also proves that you are human and gives you temporary access to a web resource.

    In Many Cases, What Can I Do To Prevent It From Happening In The Future?

    If you are only logged into your personal account, for example

    If clients are in the office or on a shared network, you can ask a specific network administrator to identify the entire network as misconfigured or infected devices.

    Another way to prevent future access to this page is to use the Privacy Pass. You may need to download version 2, but from Firefox from the ma Add-ons shop.


    Suppose you are using Internet Explorer as the default Internet on Windows. When you select a valid hyperlink in Microsoft Outlook, you receive one of the following error messages, depending on your version of Outlook:

    This feature has been canceled due to flaws in this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

    Your organization’s standards prevent us from doing this for you. Please contact your support team for more information on policies and information.


    Follow the below methods to resolve this issue. See if each method solves the problem.

    Reset Individuals Method: Internet Explorer Settings

    Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer 10

    1. Start Internet Explorer.

    2. Select Tools> Internet Options.

    3. Select Advanced> Reset.

    4. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window, select Remove Personal Settings> Reset.

    5. When the process is complete, click Close.

    6. Close but restart Internet Explorer.

    7. Select Tools> Internet Options.

    8. Select Programs> Define Programs.

    9. Select Set Default Programs.

    10. Select Microsoft Outlook> Set the default product in the program layout.

    11. Why can’t I open hyperlinks in my email?

      A: Your computer knows that when you click on a link in an email, only one browser opens, because the computer associates various links and file types with the corresponding user-friendly application. The fastest way to fix this problem is to set Internet Explorer as a browser workaround.

      Scroll up to move the list of software packages to the top of the default list and check Internet Explorer in addition to choosing Make this my default program.

    12. Click OK and close the Default Programs dialog box.

    Internet Explorer 9

    1. Start Internet Explorer.

    2. Select Tools> Internet Options.

    3. Select Advanced> Reset.

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    4. In the Reset Internet Explorer window in Settings, select Remove Personal Themes> Reset.

    5. Upon completionand click Close.

    6. Restart Internet Explorer.

    7. Select Tools> Internet Options.

    8. Select Programs> Define Programs.

    9. Select Set Default Programs.

      How do I stop Outlook from blocking links?

      With the top right of all the menu bars at the top connected to the page, hit the settings gear.Go to Spam.At the bottom of this area, scroll down to the Filters subheading.Disable the second feature, which blocks attachments, images, and services from people not listed above.

    10. In the Microsoft Outlook suite, select> Set Default Program.

    11. Click OK and then close the Default Programs chat window.

    12. In the Internet Options dialog box, name the Programs tab and select Set As Default under Default Wide Web Browser.

    13. Select OK.

    Internet Explorer 8 and Online Explorer 7

    1. Start Internet Explorer.
    2. Select “Internet Diet” in the “Extras” section.
    3. Select Advanced> Reset.
    4. Select Schedules> Set Schedules.
    5. Select Set Default Programs.
    6. Select Microsoft Outlook Set>, this awesome default program.
    7. Click OK, then close the Default Programs chat window.
    8. In the Internet Options dialog box, go to the Programs tab, and then under “Default Word Web Browser” select “Set as Default.”
    9. Select OK.

    Internet Explorer 6

    1. Start Internet Explorer.

    2. select Internet Options. Programs

      from the Tools menu.

    3. select> Reset Internet Settings.

    4. Make sure a specific email program is selected under Internet Software.

    5. Select Internet Explorer to make sure it returns to the default browser test box.

    6. cannot open embedded links in outlook

      Select Apply> OK.


      When starting Internet Explorer, you may receive the following message:
      Internet Explorer is not your late browser at this time. Would you like to make this site your default browser?

      When you receive this message, select Yes.

    Method Two Or Three – Export And Import The Registry Of Other Important People From Your Computer

    This section is for advanced computer users. For advanced troubleshooting assistance, contact your Configuration Administrator or Microsoft Support .

    First, step 1. Export the registry key from other computers

    1. On a computer that does not have this problem, select Start> Run.

    2. For Open, select Regedit, Custom Type, then OK.

    3. Locate and name the registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Classes htmlfile shell open command .

    4. Select “Export” from the file or registry menu (depending on your operating system).

      How do I enable hyperlinks in Outlook?

      – Right-click and select “Hyperlink” from the menu. – Go to the “Insert” tab and select “Hyperlink”. – Press Ctrl + K. Each of these options opens the “Input a hyperlink ”, where a person can enter the desired URL in the address field.

    5. Pay attention to the exact location of the will file.

    6. Enter a unique name, file and click “Save”.

    7. Close the registry editor.

    Step 1. Import the registry key

    1. Copy the shared registry key to the desktop of the infected computer.

    2. Double click the .reg file.

      You may receive the following message:

      Windows Windows 10, 8.1 and 8

      Adding Windows instructions can inadvertently change or remove price brackets and prevent components from working properly. If you don’t think the source is C: Users Desktop regkey.reg in detail, don’t add it, This is the register.

      Windows 7

      cannot open embedded links in outlook

      Are you sure you want to add information. Motivation: the file was played in the filename folder. To keep the registry?

    3. Select Yes> OK.

    Step 3. Make sure the string value (default) of the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key .code is Start htmlfile

    1. Select> Execute.

    2. In the Open box, type regedit and click OK. AND

    3. Locate and select the registry subkey: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT .html.

    4. Make sure the string value (default) is “htmlfile”. If it really is not a html file, right-click (default), select Edit, enter the html file in the Confirm Value field, and click OK.

    5. Close the registry editor.

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    • Applies to:
      Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019, Outlook Microsoft for 365

    If you are using Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows, continue on May 2nd

    When you start Internet Explorer, you will receive the following message:
    Internet Explorer is not currently the default browser m as such. Would you like to make it your default browser?

    Follow the specific steps in this section carefully. Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Before setting up , back up your restoreable registry in case you run into any problems.

    Use a different method only if the previous steps for each browser did not resolve the issue.

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