How To Manage Linux Booting Under Windows Vista?

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    Today’s guide is designed to help you when you receive a Linux boot error on Windows Vista.

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    Notice. As of April 11, 2017 Windows Vista users will no longer receive new security updates, non-security fixes, free or online technical support, or online technical updates from Microsoft. This blog is no longer updated and is for informational purposes only. The full support margin statement is available on the Microsoft website.

    This article provides information on installing Ubuntu on your computer if you are purchasing an existing Windows Vista or 7 operating system.


    1. Does your whole family need to dual-boot a PC running Ubuntu and a traditional Windows OS?
    2. What he should know and check before installing
    3. Windows must be the first boot on the hard drive
    4. Define installation partitions
    5. Install Ubuntu assecond operating system
    6. Set load order

    Need To Dual Boot A PC With Ubuntu And All Older Windows Operating Systems?

    Can you run Linux on Windows Vista?

    You don’t have to switch from Vista to Linux: you have the option of using both versions by using Linux as an application on Windows. Just download LiveCD. Positive moment The only thing is that it won’t affect your Vista installation, so there doesn’t seem to be any damage. Install VirtualBox, then install the trusted distribution of your choice.

    This guide will help families set up any PC to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows.

    How do I boot Linux into Windows?

    Select the Linux/BSD tab. Click in the “Note type” field and select “Ubuntu”. Enter the Linux distribution URL, select Search and Download Immediately, then click Add Entry. Restart your computer. In fact, you will now see a Linux related boot entry in the Windows graphical boot manager.

    Note. However, if you install an operating system (OS) larger than the one shipped with our system, you do so at your own risk. Dell cannot confirm that the hardware will remain compatible. During this configuration, we cannot maintain the system. This article is intended to inform customers who generally want to dual-boot, but do so at their own risk.

    Can Windows boot loader boot Linux?

    You can still use EasyBCD to manage the Windows boot menu and set up multiboot. Also, you can reconfigure the Windows entries in the BCD startup menu, but if the GRUB2 EFI menu boots first, you can apply it to Linux boot and beyond to bind NTLDR to boot via Windows 10.

    If Windows is already installed on all your computers, or if you build Windows first before installing Ubuntu.


    It is recommended that you install a Windows-compatible system first. Windows does not include third party operating procedures that are included in the Start menu. Installing Windows will permanently affect all the information already on your hard drive.

    This article will coverOlder Windows operating systems such as Vista or 7 are supported.

    If you need to install a newer Windows operating system, such as Windows 8 or sometimes 10, use the expert quotes article below:

  • How to Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 or 10 on Your Awesome Dell PC

  • Have you verified that your system type matches the system type certified by Canonical in preparation for Ubuntu approval?

    1. If not, visit the Canonical website and see if your model has been tested – courtesy of Canonical.

    2. How do I install Ubuntu on Vista?

      Be sure to expand the flash drive, maybe at least 2 GB.Check the BIOS setting and make sure it is normally set to boot from USB.Download the program for recording a sensation on a USB flash drive.When the burning process completes normally, leave the USB stick connected and restart Vista one last time!

      If it’s public and protected, continue.

    boot linux in windows vista

    Note. If your system definitely comes with Ubuntu and you have a problem that requires technical assistance. You may be asked to return the system to the company that supplied it from Dell and see if the current issue might indicate this. Otherwise, support options at this stage will be limited.

    What You Need To Know And Check Before Starting The Installation

    There are threethings to check before starting Ubuntu installation:

    1. To check what hardware you want to install?
    2. To make sure the BIOS setting type affects your installation?
    3. To check which version of Ubuntu you want to install?
    What hardware are you installing and will the installation change?

    boot linux in windows vista

    The type or format of your storage device may matter. I wonder how you would install Ubuntu on your computer. It might be a bit more than anything you install compared to newer M2 cards. Direct installation via standard SATA hard drive. Install problematic SATA hard drives here in an Intel Matrix RAID configuration. Check if your computer’s computer allows you to create the type of site you need. Or you can check out the articles below. This will allow you to understand how to change the installation method of your device in order to adapt the system to real hardware:

  • Installing Ubuntu on systems with a PCIe M2 card reader on a Dell computer
  • Installing Ubuntu on a real Dell OptiPlex PC with RAID
  • Note. Please note that USB 2.0 and older removable media are not supported on systems with newer Intel SkyLake processors. CPU chipsets no longer support a USB 2.0 hub.

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    Demarrer Linux Sous Windows Vista
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    Uruchom Linuxa W Systemie Windows Vista
    Zagruzit Linuks V Vindovs Vista
    Arrancar Linux En Windows Vista
    Avviare Linux In Windows Vista
    Booten Sie Linux In Windows Vista
    Start Linux Op In Windows Vista
    Starta Upp Linux I Windows Vista