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    To disable Control Panel On a domain controller, run the Group Policy Management Tool. Right-click Group Policy Objects and select New. Give the GPO a name, then click OK. Right-click the GPO and select Edit.

    The reason I want to disable access to the Endpoint Control Panel on a Windows laptop, desktop or server is to minimize the specific risk of exposing control of the computer to others. As you know, only in the Control Panel we can see almost all theConfigurations and settings of our computer. such as user accounts, system and security, programs and features, etc. These are all settings that we don’t want anyone else messing with. To this end, Windows provides enough space to restrict access to borders. On a managed website, administrators typically disable control panel logins using Group Policy in Windows.

    How To Disable Access To The Control Panel Using Group Policy In Windows

    How do I access Control Panel when it is blocked by administrator?

    Open User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Control Panel.Set the Deny control panel access option to Not configured or OK.

    In this article, we’ll demonstrate a strategy for disabling Control Panel access using Group Policy in Windows. The following steps are performed using Windows Server 2012 R2 as the domain controller and Windows 2 Ultimate as the target client software for which we want to disable the control panel. You can also feel that the client machine has been joined to the domain for a long time.

    How do I block Control Panel in group policy?

    Use the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run command.Enter gpedit.View the following path:In some right panes, double-click on the “Deny access to Control Panel and PC Setup” policy.Select the Enabled option.Click OK.

    A user named Saputra-arranda is logged in on the path to the client PC and is subject to policy. In the domain, this user is observed in an OU named “MustBeGeek”, andit is in this note that we will often link the policy.

    Step by step:
    1. Create a GPO
    In the Group Policy Management Console, expand Forest and Space as usual, right-click GPOs and select New

    Specify an alias for the policy object, in this search example we call it “Lock Control Panel”

    2. Editing the policy object
    After a particular policy object is published, it appears in the list of policy products. Right click on this policy and/or select “Edit”

    In the Rules Editor window, the setting you’re looking for is under User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel. Get the “Deny access to control panel and PC settings” option.

    Double-tap settings, then configure the program as shown in the screenshot below.

    block control panel gpo

    Click OK to save the setting and close the editor window.

    How do I lock Control Panel?

    Open the appropriate Group Policy Editor. Click “Windows” to find “gpedit” and click on the highest rated result.Go to the control panel web page.Double-click “Prohibit access to control panel and PC settings”.Disable or enable Control Panel using GPO.

    3.Apply procedure object
    Find the target unit, in this one and only pr The least target OU is “MustBeGeek”, right-click it and select “Link to existing GPO”

    Select the Lock My Control Panel GPO and click OK. Make sure it now appears in the MustBeGeek OU.

    4. Check the exact result on the client computer
    As in the near future for the guide, this takes into account what will happen to a potential computer when you try to open the panel. Same

    block control panel gpo

    A command prompt window will also appear if you try to change a large setting directly from an object’s watermark, for example if you try to change the network setting using “Open Network and Sharing Center” from the “LAN” heading on the taskbar. select a new invitation above.

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    PS: The policy is usually enforced, but remember that we can always enforce the policy immediately by typing handle gpupdate /force on the command line.


    How to disable the control panel in a GPO?

    Step 1: Right click on the actual OU (in my case they have a student) where you want to embed this Disable Management Policy section and click on Link an existing GPO. Step 2: Select the GPO you actually created above and click OK.

    Disabling the access restriction window means that the usercompletely deprived of the ability to change even the most minor computer settings. The real way to open the control panel, or even one of its configuration items, is to log in with a different personal account that is not covered by the policy. Remember that you can always check the directives for creating a user account using the gpresult /r directives in CMD.

    How do I unblock Control Panel?

    Frequently use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command.On the main left sidebar go toin “User Configuration” > “Administrative Templates” > “Control Panel”.Select an enabled skill, click Apply, then click OK.

    The most important rule is not to apply this GPO to administrator or domain administrator data files. However, if you are sure that other users may not need to perform any actions in the Control Panel in this case, you can always disable access to the Restrictions Panel using Group Policy, up to Windows.

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