Solutions For 421 Outlook Express Error Message

Recently, some of our readers reported to us that they encountered the 421 Outlook Express error message.

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    General good reasons for this critical Outlook error 421: Incorrect settings in Outlook settings are the most common reasons, this only happens when you associate a current or new configuration with an email account. There are no issues with endpoint firewalls with built-in Windows firewalls.

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    Server sent response: 421 SMTP cannot connect to host. Errorbut mostly associated with Microsoft Outlook accounts.

    This most often happens when trying to send an email from a messaging platform.

    While the most common cause is a misconfiguration of SMTP, many other factors can cause this error.

    However, we will only touch on some of the most common ones, as highlighting can solve the problem.

    How To Fix Error 421 Outlook Cannot Connect To The SMTP Server?

    How do I fix an SMTP error with Outlook?

    Open your personal account (Email client Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora or Mail)On the Windows Tools menu, Accounts, click Entries.Click on your email account, then click on the “Properties” on the “General” tab.Make sure “single email address” is your valid email address for the entire account record.Click on the Server tab.


    In general, if it turns out that your server refused to respond: 421 cannot receive an SMTP forum connection error when using Outlook, there are several functional ways to solve this problem.

    We recommend that you try all of the one-time fixes we suggest and don’t skip any of them.

    Did you fix the underlying bug? Which of our suggestions worked best for you? Let us know anything important in the comments section below.

    Vlad may have a higher education in animal husbandry and agriculture, now he is engaged in everythingPhtom, from testing programs to writing detailed reviews about them. He spent 3-4 years as… Read more

  • If you receive an error message 421, unable to connect to the SMTP server, there are several ways to work around this problem.
  • While there are many possible errors, let’s focus on the most common causes.
  • The following are simple instructions on how to successfully reconfigure SMTP settings, configure vpn and anti-malware to achieve the best results.
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  • As mentioned, the most likely cause is incorrect SMTP configuration.

    For this reason, checking the configuration is probably the first method we highly recommend in the guide.

    To reconfigure Microsoft Outlook SMTP modules, do the following:

    1. Launch MS Outlook
    2. Click the File buttonorg/2000/svg’%20viewbox=’0%200%20743%20156’%3e%3c/svg% “
    3. Click 3rd account button
    4. Select your account, then click the Edit button
    5. Search for “outgoing server (smtp)” and enter the focus (provided by your global hosting provider)Outlook Http://www outgoing server (smtp)
    6. Go back to the docker” “Advanced” and click “Advanced”
    7. on the main tab.

    8. On the Advanced tab, change the port number you got from your ISP
    9. Save the configuration and close the program
    10. Check if the errors are resolved: you all open Outlook and also try to send an email.

    If the difficulty persists, we recommend that you try the following solution.

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    Note: The above steps can be used with Microsoft Outlook 2016 and later.

    421 error message outlook express

    VPNs are mainly used to return to masks and sites forI access sites and web services that are blocked/geographically restricted, especially in restricted areas.

    How do I fix Error 421 in Outlook?

    Change SMTP settings. In case of delay, SMTP uses port 25.Delete the email account and add New To.Turn off the firewall.Check out other pst file to fix failed to connect SMTP.-

    This may affect your browsing experience to some extent, including accessing email and sending it to Outlook.

    While VPNs have a direct or no effect on Netmail transmission, Internet offerings such as Outlook often interfere with VPNs.

    421 error message outlook express

    Therefore, someone can check if the error is really caused by interference from your VPN by simply disabling this tool for a while.disables

    After the VPN service, you can try sending an email; If the mail goes through without problems, the VPN is probably the cause of the general error.

    In this case, we recommend that everyone try a different VPN service. The best VPNs for Windows are 10 updated versions that are constantly being optimized to be as error-free as possible.

    How do I fix Outlook Express?

    On Windows, select Run > Start (or hold down the Windows logo key and press the R key normally)fieldIn “Open”, type regsvr32 urlmon.dll, then click “OK” (see the related article “Register or unregister DLL or La ocx files”) for the procedurerepeat registration to run: regsvr32 shdocvw. dll.

    The most intensive are antivirus and other security programs that are pre-configured to scan Internet activity They even set limits.

    In normal cases, this may matter when the message “Problem with the server: 421, you cannot connect to the smtp server” occurs.

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