What About Error 15128 From 2005?

Over the past few days, some of our users have encountered error 2005 15128. This issue can have multiple causes. Now let’s talk about some of them.

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    • Remove itemprop = “text”> applies a specific password policy. To do this, you use a graphical interface.


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    • SSMS Server sql Management Studio for music. You can do it with T-SQL. ALTER



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      I tried acting in both directions and then wrote ssms. Both paths gave me an error.

      It is believed that I did this to solve the problem.

      I am logged in with a SQL account if you want to use SSMS. When asked to change my password, I did it. The SQL account has been assigned the sysadmin role. I opened this sql account and logged in with the password expiration options ii disabled and definitely a different option and it worked without error.

      with all that was said, I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the user who is logged in by providing the sql account. This registration could make changes.

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      The user interface should take into account the ability to change the password. Therefore, if you are using an older client base (and not SQL Server Native Client), they may receive an error that enterprises cannot connect, but they will not be able to do so, because the interface may not display a reverse password prompt.

      K. Brian Kelly

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      What you can also do:

      -In MSSMS

      < p> -Activate user property

      – change to non-persistent password, then save and close

      – activate more and then deactivate forced password

      – as saved with original password

      Good luck!

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      Hi, thanks a lot, it worked so well for me … 🙂

    • Thanks Patty, you saved something from my head again.

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      Use Wizard


      ALTER LOGIN SQL_Account WITH PASSWORD = “currentpassword (SamePassword)”





    2005 error 15128

    You have error 15128 because MUST_CHANGE is enabled. How can you get around this. This is actually a SQL account and must have an expiring password.

    Remove the password enforcement policy. You can use a graphical interface for this.

    SSMS SQL Server administration function. You can do it with T-SQL. CHANGE CONNECTION

    I tried both ways to connect correctly, then sms. Two ways that I was given the error.

    Actually, I did it to solve my problem.

    I’m a lousel in SSMS with SQL account. When I was advised to change my password, I did just that. The SQL account used to be the system administrator. I opened a new SQL account and logged in, disabled 1 password expiration option and another option for one person and it worked without error.

    With all that said, I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the security of the user who logged in and configured the SQL account. It is desirable that this login can change who.

    The system must be aware of the possibility of changing the password. Therefore, if they are using an older client (not SQL Server Native Client), they will receive an error that they cannot go there, but they cannot because this interface is not available, and they will be prompted to change their password. p>

    Hi Thanks, thanks to me everything worked … 🙂

    Thank you Patty, you kept what’s left in my head.

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